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Pew Research probes how reading scripture is associated with being pro-life

by | May 17, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This appeared in the May issue of National Right to Life News. Please share with your pro-life family and friends.

By slicing and dicing various demographics, Pew Research does some fascinating work, often coming up with conclusions you probably haven’t thought of.

Or maybe not.

Views about abortion among adults who read scripture at least once a week by parental status” is one of those findings that would conform to your common sense.

By “parental status,” Pew means those adults who have kids under 18 versus those adults who don’t have children (“non-parents”).

The question they asked is the “% of adults who read scripture once a week who say abortion should be…”

For those with minor children

66% say abortion should be “illegal in all/most cases” and 30% say abortion should be “legal in all/most cases.”

For those without children

62% say abortion should be “illegal in all/most cases” and 33% say abortion should be “legal in all/most cases.”

What to think? For starters, the bar is not set terribly high to qualify: you read scripture “at least once a week.”

It would have been interesting to see how different the results would have been if they made the amount of scripture read at twice a week, or four times a week, or even every day.

That having been said, it’s very encouraging that 2/3ds of adults with children and 62% of adults without children who read scripture at least once a week would make abortion illegal in all or most cases.

Pew didn’t test to see whether these adults are activist pro-lifers, or women and men who vote pro-life, or simply people who know in their hearts that babies are not disposable refuse but vibrant, living, co-equal members of the human family.

It goes without saying that you don’t need to read scripture or be “religious” to enlist in the army that is fighting on behalf of unborn children. Our position is rooted in human rights.

As Paul Stark has written

The facts of science (showing that the unborn is a living human organism) combined with sound moral reasoning (showing the equal dignity of every member of the human family) confirm the pro-life position that abortion unjustly takes the life of an innocent human being. This truth — like the truth that slavery is wrong, or that killing homeless people is wrong, or that kindness is good and praiseworthy — is accessible to everyone, regardless of religious conviction

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