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Pro-life organization leader determined to protect women from negligent abortionists

by | May 17, 2024

By Kim Hayes

The Center for Client Safety (CFCS) works to give a voice to abortion victims, providing a conduit to report and hold abortionist accountable when women are harmed or mistreated.

The center’s website details how CFCS is dedicated to protecting vulnerable women and children by investigating, reporting on, and shutting down abortion providers. In the coming months, CFCS will lead a comprehensive effort to investigate and report abortion facilities that are endangering women across the nation.

The group’s work garnered praise from the head of the largest network of pregnancy help in the U.S. and the world.

“The Center for Client Safety is a phenomenal partner to pregnancy help centers in their pursuit of justice for the women we serve,” stated Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International.

“We feel like we’re Special Operations, but they’re really the Delta Force,” Godsey said of CFCS. “They show up in this particular way with these particular set of skills.”

Because of the partnership, as the victims of abortion are helped, their stories spur actions to protect other women from being similarly harmed by the same abortion facility.

Missy Martinez-Stone, president and CEO of CFCS, credits the group’s process for creating a safe environment for women to report ill treatment from abortion providers.

She discussed the organization’s approach in a conversation with Pregnancy Help News.

Martinez-Stone noted the difference between CFCS and other outlets for women to report the harm they have suffered via abortion, explaining how many women want to maintain their privacy.

“They don’t want to go through a lawsuit.” Martinez-Stone said.

With CFCS, women’s stories are heard without their being asked to go through a public process which exposes them to potential further pain. CFCS files complaints through medical boards and the appropriate channels of investigation and accountability for medical clinics.

CFCS has stepped into a gap in accountability on behalf of women, according to the group.

CFCS offers reporting resources, including post cards and flyers with a QR code, to pro-life organizations and medical facilities that connect women with CFCS services.

Martinez-Stone is passionate about this work having personally experienced disregard during medical treatment when an OB/GYN mis-diagnosed a molar pregnancy. With the rare complication, fluid-filled sacs or tumors develop in the uterus rather than placenta. The pregnancy cannot continue and can require surgery.

Martinez-Stone expressed concern over her symptoms to the doctor prior to the diagnosis to no avail.

“She completely ignored me and abandoned me as a patient when I kept coming back saying, ‘something’s wrong, something’s wrong, something’s wrong,’” Martinez-Stone said.

She immediately went to another doctor, where she was diagnosed, and treated. Molar pregnancy can be cancerous, another reason that misdiagnosis is a serious risk for the patient.

While the medical board acknowledged she had a case for pursuing action against the first provider, Martinez Stone was satisfied that the OB/GYN was investigated and informed of the situation. Knowing that it was documented in case it was to happen again gave her a sense of closure.

“For me in my experience, it was part of my healing journey,” she stated in a testimonial video. “It actually helped bring me closure to hear from medical professionals, to hear from the board of medicine to say, ‘Yeah, what happened to you was concerning and we’re going to look into it.’”

She realized through her experience that just being believed by those who are in a position to protect women’s health is vital. This has become her “why” behind the work she is doing through CFCS.

Martinez-Stone sees the group’s work as an important step in healing for the individuals from whom they gather malpractice reports.

CFCS empowers Client Safety Advocates to enable them to identify, document, and report violations on a local level. Gathering personal information without violating HIPAA is laid out through the training.

Training equips individuals to identify if a woman has been wronged, to know how to document that appropriately and understand how CFCS handles those cases covertly and strategically. The bottom line is empowering them to document and report appropriately.

As these advocates witness the harm done to women at abortion facilities, they are trained to stand up for them as they protect them from further harm or exploitation.

“Now I get it,” is a common reaction to the training, Martinez-Stone said.

CFCS has grown very quickly, and the group is working hard to keep up with the demand to hold abortion providers accountable.

“The Center for Client Safety and their team are the ones making it happen,” Godsey said, “because of the issue of justice.”

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages Pregnancy Help News where this first appeared. Reposted with permission.

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