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Read The Truth About the Extreme Pro-Abortion Initiative Petition

by | May 31, 2024

By Missouri Right to Life

As you probably know, signatures to put a right to unlimited abortion in our State Constitution were turned in to the Secretary of State on May 3rd. While they gathered more than twice what was required in raw numbers, they were also required to get specific amounts in each Congressional District based on the votes in the last gubernatorial election.

They were also required to gain legible signatures from only Missouri registered voters and only from the county of the petition they were signing. We are awaiting validation of those signatures at this time.

In the event that they have gathered enough legitimate signatures to put the measure on the November ballot, should the ballot initiative be approved by the voters, it will bring to Missouri unlimited and unregulated abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

You may hear the pro-abortion side argue that the current laws will “stay on the books.” That is disingenuous at best. After passage of the ballot initiative, when the laws are challenged, they will be found by the courts to be null and void based on the new pro-abortion language added to our constitution.

Please see the information below on just how destructive and devastating this initiative will be for our precious pre-born babies and for Missouri women who will be at the mercy of an unregulated abortion industry.

Truth About the Extreme Pro-Abortion Initiative Petition Language

Click here for the truth about the pro-abortion initiative petition with full petition language

And click here for MRL’s full legal analysis of its devastating impact.

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