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Stories of Prenatal Diagnosis: Tessa G.

by | May 22, 2024

By Guest Blogger

Editor’s note. This appeared at Secular Pro-Life and reposted with permission.

March was Trisomy Awareness Month, and this condition is one of many prenatal diagnoses often used to defend the “need” for abortion. In Secular Pro-Life’s series, “Stories of Prenatal Diagnosis,” we begin with one such Trisomy parent, Tessa G.

What conditions did your screening results indicate?

Trisomy 18.

Did it turn out to be the case that your child had these conditions?


Please tell your story of your experience in your own words.

I chose to do the NIPT [Noninvasive Prenatal Testing] primarily to discover the gender of my baby so I could name them early. The genetics team called us in just a couple days to let us know we had a girl and she scored high for Trisomy-18.

What aspects, if any, did you like about the way your medical team handled the situation?

They did not pressure us towards any decisions.

What aspects, if any, did you dislike about the way your medical team handled the situation?

They emphasized the worst-case scenarios. They were hesitant to humanize her until my husband and I made it clear that we loved her and valued her life regardless of her diagnosis.

What recommendations do you have for medical providers who are giving parents prenatal screening results?

Early on give the parents resources and support groups for families caring for children with similar diagnoses.

What recommendations do you have for parents who are receiving prenatal screening results?

Love on your baby, and also express that love with your medical team so they can witness her humanity and value.

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