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Thousands of People Join Ireland March for Life to Protest Abortion

by | May 6, 2024

Thousands took part in the annual March for Life in Dublin earlier today. Speakers called on the Irish public to ‘think pro-life’ before they vote in the upcoming local and European elections and to only vote for candidates who are committed to finding ways to reduce “Ireland’s soaring abortion rate.”

Guest speakers at the march included Independent Carol Nolan TD and Oxford based Doctor and media commentator, Dr Calum Miller.

Another speaker, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign told the crowd gathered in Molesworth Street that “in the coming weeks the Pro Life Campaign will be publishing a comprehensive Voter Guide, featuring a list of all election candidates and where they stand on right to life issues.” She said it will serve as an invaluable guide to pro-life voters when deciding how to cast their vote in the upcoming elections.

Ms Mulroy said that based on recent answers to parliamentary questions regarding reimbursements made to abortion providers in 2023, it looks like “the number of abortions carried out in that one year period will exceed 10,000, representing a massive increase in abortions year on year since the new law took effect.” She described the increase in abortions as “devastating“ and said “the efforts made between now and election day to encourage people to ‘think pro-life’ before they vote will also impact on whether real progress is made over the next five years in shifting the focus away from the present government policy of promoting abortion at every turn, to a situation where basic information about alternatives is made available to women before an abortion takes place.”

In her address, Deputy Nolan said that “while it’s devastating to see abortion numbers increase rapidly under the new law and watch grotesque amounts of taxpayers’ money being spent on abortion provision, the veil at last is finally being lifted and more and more people are starting to ask questions about what our leaders in government are presiding over.”

This, she said, was shown “in a truly spectacular way with the results of the recent ‘Family’ and ‘Care’ referendums.”

Deputy Nolan also took issue with what she called the “unchecked power” of taxpayer funded NGOs like the National Women’s Council, saying: “It is a very healthy thing in a democracy when voters start to become engaged and start looking for honest answers – on things like questioning the enormous sums of money being given to NGOs like the National Women’s Council. The National Women’s Council were shown to be hopelessly out of touch with the views and concerns of women during the recent referendum campaign. Their stance on abortion is also way more radical than what the average voter supports, yet as a group the National Women’s Council wields an inordinate amount of power in determining government policy on issues like abortion.”

To cheers from the crowd, she said: “The unchecked power of the National Women’s Council needs to be brought to an end.”

Speaking about the need for freedom of conscience protections to be strengthened for healthcare workers who don’t wish to facilitate abortions, Dr Miller said: “Erode conscience, and you remove the healthcare professionals with the most integrity, who are willing to do what is right rather than what is convenient. You breed a generation of healthcare professionals who choose their career and their ambitions over the wellbeing of their patients. And that is not a safe healthcare system to have looking after you. This will affect all of you. If you lose the soul of medicine and make it a profession of killing, if you rob medicine of conscience by expelling those who listen to their conscience, everyone is in danger. Is that the sort of healthcare system you want looking after you when you are weak and vulnerable?”

Anna Buday, a voice for parents caring for children with complex medical needs and mother of a child who has Down Syndrome told March for Life: “If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you might meet with discrimination and misunderstanding.  However, what truly frightens me, is a society that allows discriminatory actions to be directed towards babies like Esther. It saddens me deeply to witness the inequalities and biases that still plague those with genetic differences, particularly babies with Down Syndrome.

“As a parent, I wish everyone could see the beauty, sweetness, and courage that radiate from babies like our little Esther. She is a mighty warrior, facing challenges with resilience which inspires all who meet her.

“I have a message for any new or expecting parents who got a diagnosis of Down Syndrome: Don’t be afraid. There is hope. There is plenty of laughter and joy. There is learning. There is opportunity. There is kindness and capability. There is so much love!”

Lois McLatchie, senior communications officer with Alliance Defending Freedom International told attendees: “In 2018, Irish women were sold a deal that abandoned them to abortion. In the name of “women’s rights”, women would be wronged – their dignity eroded. But the lies that were sold are already losing their grip. When the government wanted to remove women from the constitution, and erase protection and support for the amazing mothers upon whom society depends – you said NO! Your message was heard around the world. Mothers, and their babies, matter. We need to create a society that once again cares, supports, and empowers both lives.”

Melissa Byrne, Outreach Officer of Students for Life also addressed the March. Journalist Wendy Grace and Peter Sands officiated as MCs at the event.

Today’s march was organised by the Pro Life Campaign.

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