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Trump’s Bronx Rally And The Wrath of Spurned Media Gatekeepers

by | May 28, 2024

By Jorge Bonilla

Much of the media analysis of former President Donald Trump’s visit to the South Bronx centers around whether it was electorally savvy or good campaign strategy. Little has been said about the outbreak of bigotry vomited over the airwaves subsequent to the rally.

Most representative of this is The View host Ana Navarro’s bilious exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta, which at the time was covered by our very own Alex Christy.

I find that the most telling part of this exchange is Acosta setting Navarro up by saying that they discussed “the disconnect” on other occasions. To be clear, “the disconnect” Acosta refers to is ongoing, and it is between Hispanics and the Democratic Party.

Once Acosta sets the segment up, Navarro goes into a word salad about alleged Trump amnesia, the ongoing trial, and eventually works her way to her toxic race reductionism which, quite frankly, sounds like a knockoff of the bile that fellow co-host Asunción Cummings Hostin regularly spits on The View.

We recently heard similar nonsense from race grievance merchant John Leguizamo, also while on The View. I will note for the record that Navarro performs this service while under the approving gaze of the white former Biden campaign and White House communications flack who revolving-doored her way over to CNN (Kate Bedingfield), which leads to further questions about who is really trying hard to “pass” here.

We’ve heard all of this before- the repulsive idea that central to Hispanic (or Latino) identity is this attachment to the left and to the entire leftwing policy pupu platter, starting with immigration. And that one is somehow a race-traitor for embracing different ideas or choosing to vote for a different party. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said as much the morning after Election Night, 2016:

JORGE RAMOS: The only way to explain it is (that) immigrants or the children of immigrants that forgot their origins…

When you hear media types whining about Trump’s rally in the Bronx, or poo-pooing it, or deriding those who attended, what you are really hearing are the lamentations of scorned gatekeepers- those chosen not to represent the Hispanic community within media and elsewhere, but to represent the left to the Hispanic community. As you see more of this pattern becoming evident, and more polling showing Trump gaining significant support within the Hispanic community, expect more of those angry denunciations from self-appointed gatekeepers who find they don’t have the clout they thought they had.

Ana Navarro’s toxic word vomit was only the beginning.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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