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An Open Letter to a Pregnant Woman Who is Struggling

by | Jun 27, 2024

The little one inside of you is a gift

By Maria Gallagher, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The positive pregnancy test took you by surprise. You hoped to be pregnant someday, but not today. Definitely not today.

Thoughts swirl through your mind. Why is this happening right now—when so much in life, and in the world, is uncertain? What’s to become of you, now that you are sure of your pregnancy? Could life get any more complicated?

At this particular moment, you may feel a jumble of emotions— fear, anxiety, worry, sadness. Or you may feel completely numb, not knowing where to turn.

The truth is, you are worthy. You are important. You are irreplaceable. You have a strength deep within you that you may not even recognize.

You are a gift to the world. And the little one inside of you is a gift as well.

Things may look a little blurry from your sleep-deprived perspective. Try to get some rest and take time to be good to yourself. For, in caring for yourself, you will be loving your little one.

Take a few minutes to imagine life three years from now, when your baby is a tow-haired toddler. Watch as he comes toward you to give you a hug. Know that there is a future beyond your present uncertainty and a light beaming at the end of the tunnel.

If you need help, please reach out to your local pregnancy resource center, where caring compassionate individuals stand ready to journey with you through your pregnancy. They will help you with everything from diapers to day care referrals and will be steady companions for you and your baby.

Trust that, in a universe of possibilities, pregnancy is the greatest possibility of all. For within that possibility rests the seeds of new life.

I am praying for you and your little one. I have faith in you and your ability to make the right decisions for you and your baby. Stand firm in the belief that you are strong, capable, and resilient.

And, in the end, that child of yours is so worth fighting for.

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