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Biden/Harris send out “Fact Sheet” touting their full-throated support for abortion throughout pregnancy

by | Jun 18, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

A colleague of mine at National Right to Life spotted thus coming out of the abortion-saturated Biden White House.

It read, “FACT SHEET: The Biden-Harris Administration Continues to Advance Gender Equity and Equality at Home and Abroad.” We are familiar, as are all pro-lifers, with the Biden Administration monomaniac search of additional ways to kill unborn babies, both here at home and overseas.

But to see it all laid out out—proudly laid out—reminds us how a pro-death administration can give a hefty assist to furthering a Culture of Death.

The beginning is typical of the entire document. It’s as if President Joe Biden is nervous he won’t receive the credit—so to speak—for all he has done to multiple the number of dead babies. It reads

Over the past three years, President Biden and Vice President Harris have leveraged the full force of the federal government to advance rights and opportunity for women and girls across the country and around the globe.

What is the first item? What else?

Defending reproductive freedom

Under that heading Biden/Harris list their “accomplishments”:

At a time when women’s reproductive freedom is under attack, President Biden and Vice President Harris are fighting to ensure that women across the country are able to make deeply personal health care decisions and access the reproductive health care they need. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, the President has continued to call on Congress to restore the protections of Roe in federal law, and has made it clear that he will sign legislation as soon as it reaches his desk. President Biden has also signed three Executive Orders and a Presidential Memorandum directing his Administration to protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception. He established the White House Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access to coordinate these efforts across agencies and mobilize the Administration to defend reproductive rights.

The document next lists “Protect Access to Medication Abortion.” We’ve written about this particularly insidious attack on helpless unborn at great length. Suffice it to say the Biden Administration brags that it has removed virtually all protections for women. The Alliance Defending Freedom put it this way: The actions of the FDA have “endangered women and girls by abandoning safeguards for abortion drugs, including in-person visits with a doctor to check for ectopic pregnancies, severe bleeding, and life-threatening infections.”

As so the document goes on and on, distorting to the right and distorting to the left. “Defend Access to Emergency Abortion Care,” is a reference to Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) which the Supreme Court will rule on this term. Typically, the Biden Administration turns EMTALA on its head in order to promote abortion.

NRLC’s amicus brief argues that Biden’s attempt to force hospital emergency rooms to perform abortions under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act is contrary to that federal law which was only meant to protect emergency room patients from being dumped and does not mandate that the hospital provide medical care that is contrary to state law.

And so on and so on. The key is the first paragraph:

“President Biden and Vice President Harris have leveraged the full force of the federal government” on behalf of abortion.

Not something an administration—any administration—should be proud of.

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