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Biden Promotes Abortion Until Birth Despite Claims in Presidential Debate

by | Jun 29, 2024

By Samantha Furnace, Texas Right to Life

Joe Biden lied about his position on abortion during his debate with Donald Trump.

CNN moderators brought up abortion very early in the debate, as the second most important issue after the economy. During his remarks, President Biden contradicted his former statements and stances on the issue of Life, causing the Democrat Party to scramble.

The moderators asked Biden whether he believes there should be any limit to when in pregnancy a woman can have an abortion. He responded that he supports Roe v. Wade, and if elected would “restore Roe”. He even seemingly reaffirmed Roe’s trimester framework, which allowed states to regulate abortion in the second trimester for maternal health, and in the third for “potential life”.

Trump pushed back, saying that Biden would support killing babies in their ninth and final month of pregnancy, which many states already allow. But Biden’s response to Trump was either

“That is simply not true. That Roe v. Wade does not provide for that. That’s not the circumstance. Only when the woman’s life is in danger, if she’s going to die – that’s the only circumstance in which that can happen. But we are not for late-term abortion, period – period, period.”

Very few Democrats, especially national Democrats, have actually answered the question on their support of late-term abortions. While Biden’s position in the debate is still very extreme, it does not sound as bad as the typical Democrat position.

Still, Biden’s comments in the debate directly contradict his support of the Woman’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). The WHPA is a federal bill that would fully legalize abortion nationwide during all stages of pregnancy. Democrats claim this bill “codifies Roe”. But in reality the WHPA would prohibit any states from imposing ANY regulations on abortion, even for the sake of the mother’s health.

The WHPA would take away all Pro-Life laws, including the widely-supported bipartisan ban on partial-birth abortion. The law would prevent states from restricting abortion if a doctor deemed it necessary to protect a mother’s health, which has been defined as mental, social, and financial health.

President Biden cannot unequivocally support the WHPA while also opposing late-term abortions. He even claimed that ‘we,’ meaning the Democratic party and the nation as a whole, are not for late-term abortion. This is either a lie to make voters believe his position is more moderate than it is, he is not coherent enough to remember his position, or he simply does not know enough about the WHPA, which would be concerning as he is the person who would have signed it into law.

Biden’s actions speak louder than his mumbled words.

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