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Circuit Court Judge Rules Against the State of Florida: Rules Amendment 4 financial impact statement inaccurate

by | Jun 14, 2024

The state of Florida files appeal of Judge Cooper’s ruling

By Florida Right to Life

TALLAHASSEE FL – The deceptive constitutional Amendment 4 dealing with abortion was back in the news this week.

In the state of Florida, all ballot initiatives must have a financial impact statement to properly inform voters of the cost to the state and the taxpayers.

Monday, Circuit judge John Cooper issued his ruling stating that outdated information in the financial impact statement “renders it inaccurate, ambiguous, misleading, unclear and confusing.”

“In the irony of all ironies, this judge is actually describing Amendment 4 itself” Amendment 4 is purposely vague, deceptive, and misleading. it’s a shame the 4 male Supreme Court justices did not view the ballot language in the same way as judge Cooper viewed the financial impact statement.

Within hours, the state of Florida filed an appeal of Judge Coopers ruling to the 1st District court of appeals. The notice of appeal automatically triggers a stay of the judge’s decision, but within 24 hours the judge vacated the stay demanding the state redraft the financial statement within 15 days.

The judge even restated his objections and made a very telling statement. “This is a case that should point the way to allowing the people of the state of Florida to decide this issue…” Clearly this judge wants a smooth and favorable pathway towards Election Day.

We at Florida Right to Life oppose Amendment 4 and believe it should be exposed for the dangerous, ambiguous, and deceptive amendment it is. Amendment 4 is designed to fool Florida residents into believing a lie.

The language is as follows: “No law shall prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patients’ health, as determined by the patients’ health care provider.”

If passed, all commonsense laws designed to protect women and children would be nullified. Parental consent would be tossed, and many girls would be victimized.

Health care standards for women and girls would be erased, and painful late term abortion would be allowed up to the moment of birth!

Non-physicians could perform abortions and no matter what Harm befalls women they would have zero recourse.

Examine the language carefully: it should be titled the abortionist protection act and the cash app for planned parenthood! While the language states “no law shall penalize,” the only one who could be penalized is the abortionist. So literally abortionists are protected, not women and girls!

The statement” no law shall delay” means quick abortions and quick money. There is no benefit to women and girls. Again, this law would benefit the abortion Industry at the expense of women and girls.

The language states, “Health Care provider” and not physician. Literally, a non-physician can perform an abortion. This does not benefit women.

We at Florida Right to Life will work tirelessly to expose this evil and deceptive amendment 4.

Unlike the Florida Supreme Court, let us hope the Appeals Court gets this one right.

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