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New Times, New Ways of Reaching Out

by | Jun 4, 2024

By Danielle Underwood, Director of Communications, Kansans for Life (KFL)

Over half (51%) of teens today report spending at least four hours a day on social media, especially YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (Gallup, October 2023). Seventeen-year-olds lead this pack with 62% averaging 5.8 hours a day spent on online platforms.

Young people are the future of the pro-life movement. This data clearly shows why it’s so essential our message is visible in these online spaces. Not only must we be present, but engaging and relevant.

There’s no doubt. Times are rapidly changing. Information is spreading in different ways than before. More adults, too, are staying up to date with current information through phones and computers. For these reasons and more, KFL is actively pursuing ways to reach more hearts and minds with pro-life facts and personal stories through social media

One example: during legislative session, our team is creating regular video updates about pro-life bills, which are shared through social media. You can help more people see these updates by liking and sharing valuable content. While many online trends are being driven by speed and convenience, the rising popularity of the podcast format has been a surprising outlier. A recent article by the New York Times (“How the Media Industry Keeps Losing the Future,” Streitfeld, D., Feb 29, 2024) quoted Temple University journalism professor David Mindich: “If you had said to me 20 years ago, ‘I see a generation listening to long-form audio shows,’ I would have said: ‘Attention spans are getting shorter. I don’t think that’s going to happen.’ But it did.”

We just finished season one of our new podcast, On the Right Side of History with Kansans for Life, and are now preparing to launch season two. Episodes have featured nationally recognized speakers, elected officials, a human trafficking victim advocate, an abortion survivor, a pharmaceutical company insider, a journalist, an abuse and abortion coercion survivor, and many more. These and upcoming episodes can be found on our YouTube channel [ On the Right Side of History with Kansans for Life] and most podcast platforms.

You can help the pro-life movement by sharing these stories with others, in conversations and on social media. Thanks for everything you do to spread truth! You can email us at

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