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Now that The Washington Post has a new top editor, can we expect any fairer coverage of Donald Trump?

by | Jun 3, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

When you send out an email late Sunday evening that you’re about to can your top editor, you could expect the newsroom at the Washington Post to “pepper publisher and CEO William Lewis with questions about the abrupt replacement of executive editor Sally Buzbee,” according to the Post’s Sarah EllisonJeremy Barr, and Elahe Izadi.

What was the explanation?

“This is change about growth,” said the newly appointed Washington Post editor Matt Murray, who will temporarily take over from Buzbee until after the election. “It’s change about the future. It’s change about building on The Post and taking it to the next generation and enhancing the legacy of the place.”

Lewis was asked repeatedly what went into the decision to axe Buzbee. “Lewis refused to answer specific questions about the decision-making behind Buzbee’s departure, which came as a surprise to the staff when he announced it in a Sunday night email,” Ellison, Barr, and Izadi wrote

CNN’s Oliver Darcy was more blunt. Under the headline, “Washington Post abruptly replaces executive editor Sally Buzbee in shakeup,” Darcy wrote:

The Washington Post announced on Sunday that it had parted ways with its top editor, Sally Buzbee, in a seismic shakeup executed by new publisher and chief executive William Lewis just months before the high-stakes 2024 presidential election.

Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper for $250 million in 2013. At a townhall held last month, Lewis said The Post had lost $77 million in 2023 and suffered a 50% drop-off in audience since 2020.

The Post loathes Donald Trump, and it published a steady drumbeat of hypercritical stories that goes back to his first successful run for President in 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that with liberal use of the Internet, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (to name just four), there was never an hour that The Post was not gleefully bashing Trump on at least one, if not multiple outlets.

“In his brief remarks, Murray did not share his specific editorial priorities, though he mentioned a few specific stories that will be top priorities for The Post, including the presidential election, Donald Trump, and the trial facing Hunter Biden,” the Post reported.

Notice that there is a separate category for Donald Trump but not for Joe Biden.

Will there be even a pretense at evenhandedness? Not if history is any indication. On April 21, 2021, in a retrospect with Biden having defeated Trump, I wrote

From before Day One, the major media has done everything in its considerable power to destabilize the Trump Administration. We needn’t rehearse the obvious. The CNNs and MSNBCs and Washington Posts of this world had prepared themselves and their audience for the certain coronation of pro-abortion Hillary Clinton when, low and behold, pro-life Donald Trump pulls off one of the greatest upsets in American history. They were not happy and have gone after President Trump with every weapon in their arsenal.

When the Democratic-controlled House impeached Trump, The Post’s was downright giddy. Newsbusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro wrote

In a late Wednesday night, post-impeachment tweet devoid of all self-awareness, Washington Post congressional reporter Rachael Bade flaunted how she and four other journalists from the paper were celebrating President Trump’s impeachment.


“Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team! [Paul Kane] is buying … w/[Karoun Demirjian] [Seung Min Kim] [Mike DeBonis],” she gleefully shared in the now-deleted tweet, along with a picture of them around a restaurant table with food and at least two beers.

Even with The Post losing money hand over fist (“and offering buyouts to a couple hundred staffers at the end of 2023 to bring costs in line”), you can bet your bottom dollar that The Washington Post will spare no expense in its crusade to defeat Donald Trump.

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