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NRLC Conference and Supreme Court decision will make next week one to remember

by | Jun 21, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Hold on to your hats, next week will be filled to the brim with actions and activities vitally important to pro-lifers.

Let me begin by reminding you of the NRL Conference to be held in Crystal City, Virginia June 28-29. The late great Jean Garton described the conference in these wonderful words: “The two days of the National Right to Life Conference represents the annual gathering of America’s pro-life ‘family’ and it is like coming home again.” If you haven’t registered yet, you can here here.

The Supreme Court has a standing tradition, or so it would seem, of handing down abortion decisions during our convention. That may well happen again with Moyle v. United States. 

Idaho is defended its Defense of Life Act against the Biden administration’s twisted use of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, a Reagan-era law that requires emergency rooms to provide or help facilitate life-saving care to those unable to pay, including pregnant women and their unborn children.

Oral arguments were held April 24.

“EMTALA does not mention abortion but does mention four times the requirement to provide stabilizing care for both a pregnant woman and her ‘unborn child,’” wrote the Alliance Defending Freedom which is defending Idaho.

They noted

In August 2022, the Biden administration sued Idaho, claiming that EMTALA preempts Idaho’s protections for life and requires emergency room doctors to perform abortions that are unlawful in Idaho. But no conflict exists between EMTALA and Idaho’s law, as both seek to save lives, and neither forces doctors to perform abortions in emergency rooms. After a lower court upheld the administration’s attempt to rewrite EMTALA and prevented Idaho from enforcing its law, the Supreme Court agreed to review the case and fully restored Idaho’s law while the case

“The Biden administration invoked the statute known as EMTALA — after the Supreme Court eliminated the nationwide right to abortion in 2022,” The Washington Post reported.

According to the Post

Conservative justices, who make up the court majority, pushed back on the Biden administration’s interpretation of the statute, and indicated the federal government cannot force private hospitals that receive federal funds to violate a state’s law. Justices Neil M. Gorsuch and Samuel A. Alito Jr. drew attention to the fact that the EMTALA statute does not mention abortion but includes the term “unborn child” when defining what constitutes a patient.

“Isn’t that an odd phrase to put in a statute that imposes a mandate to perform abortions? Have you ever seen an abortion statute that uses the phrase ‘unborn child?’” Alito asked Solicitor General Elizabeth B. Prelogar. “It seems the plain meaning is that the hospital must try to eliminate any immediate threat to the child.”

It’ll be one busy week. Do come to the Conference if you possibly can.

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