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Our “abortion misery index” is undermining the very fabric of our society

by | Jun 3, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

You may have heard of the misery index—an economic term referring to the combination of the inflation rate and the unemployment rate.

But I would argue that American society is suffering from a different kind of misery index—one fueled by abortion.

Abortion exponentially increases the amount of misery in families, communities, and our country. It severs the sacred tie between mother and child and leaves a woman grieving for the precious preborn baby she has lost. It poisons the relationships between mothers and fathers, frequently leading to break-up. It creates an ocean of sadness for grandparents, who must deal with the tragic aftermath of their progeny being wiped out.

Abortion is a sign that civilization is losing—losing out to violence against the most innocent members of our society. It is a grave injustice, for it takes the life of an unrepeatable child.

Pregnant women need high-quality medical care, emotional support, and a means for providing for their babies. Abortion does not provide any of these things. It only coarsens our culture and can lead to a host of other troubles, from eating disorders to addiction.

Our abortion misery index is undermining the very fabric of our society. A baby is a blessing and a joy. Let’s work together to increase our “joy index” so that women are empowered, families are stabilized, and children are cherished!

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