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Outstanding Pro-Life Leader Senator Julie Daniels Endorsed by National Right to Life in June 18 Primary

by | Jun 5, 2024

By Tony Lauinger State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Once again this year, it has been Senator Julie Daniels of Bartlesville who has been the most effective pro-life leader in the Oklahoma legislature.

The eight-year incumbent from Senate District 29, who’s running for reelection for her third and final term, has been endorsed by National Right to Life. She is the only Oklahoma state legislator endorsed in the June 18 Primary by National Right to Life.

Senator Daniels’s efforts during the legislative session just ended were focused on two specific priorities for protecting the lives of unborn children: 1) strengthening the ability of pro-life Oklahomans to defend against a pro-abortion initiative petition which would deprive every unborn child in our state of the constitutional right to life, and 2) implementing a method of filling vacancies on Oklahoma’s courts with judicial candidates whose values more closely reflect those of our state.

Senator Daniels was the original author of SB 518 and the Senate author of HB 1105, both of which became law and will bolster the pro-life movement’s ability to counter the abortion industry’s constitutional-amendment drive when it comes.

Senator Daniels was also the author of SJR 34, which was approved overwhelmingly by her colleagues in the Senate, but came up short in the House of Representatives. It would have led to a much fairer method of appointing judges and justices to Oklahoma’s appellate courts and Supreme Court by closely mirroring the federal system – nomination by the Governor and confirmation by the legislative branch.

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