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Poll reveals that “Trump trusted more than Biden on democracy among key swing-state voters”

by | Jun 26, 2024

Donald Trump
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By Dave Andrusko

It seems obvious, doesn’t it, that with 132 days to go until a genuinely historic presidential election that the Legacy Media, which loathes pro-life former President Donald Trump, would plumb new depths of hysteria?

Monday’s Washington Post story by Hannah Allam is typical of what we will read repeatedly over the five months. “Pro-Trump extremists are sure he will win. That could be dangerous,” she writes. “Analysts say Donald Trump’s most militant fans are threatening online but quiet on the ground, a posture that could change if the November election doesn’t go their way.”

If they make noise, they are extremists. If they’re quiet “on the ground,” that’s only because they’re convinced Trump will win. If he doesn’t win….

Of course, the rubes, the great unwashed, half of whom would fit into a “basket of deplorables” (Hillary Clinton’s lovely description of Trump supporters) don’t get that a “second Donald Trump presidency would present an existential threat to American democracy,” according to Washington Post reporters Colby Itkowitz, Emily Guskin, and  Scott Clement, channeling Democrat attacks on Trump.

So, it shouldn’t have come as a total surprise (although it probably did) to the Washington Post that “Trump trusted more than Biden on democracy among key swing-state voters.”

Itkowitz, Guskin, and Clement tell us

A poll shows that Americans rate threats to democracy as an important issue, but that the president has yet to convince them he is the one to defend it.

What! All the endless attacks on Trump and he is still ahead of pro-abortion President Joe Biden in the swing states? The “message may not be resonating with the voters,” the Post reporters suggest. You think? Here’s more:

In six swing states that Biden narrowly won in 2020, a little more than half of voters classified as likely to decide the presidential election say threats to democracy are extremely important to their vote for president, according to a poll by The Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

Yet, more of them trust Trump to handle those threats [38%] than Biden [29%]. And most believe that the guardrails in place to protect democracy would hold even if a dictator tried to take over the country.

In one of the great understatements of this or any other presidential contest, ItkowitzGuskin, and Clement write

The results offer troubling indicators for Biden, who needs voters who may be unenthusiastic about his candidacy to decide they must reject Trump to preserve America’s system of representative government.

More tomorrow.

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