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Premature Baby Becomes NICU Nurse in the Same Hospital That Saved Her 20 Years Ago

by | Jun 13, 2024

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

Even in her earliest days, Hayley Good’s life has been marked by resilience and faith. Born at just 24 weeks and weighing a mere one pound and nine ounces, Hayley faced overwhelming odds.

The skilled doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital knew Hayley’s prognosis was grim. They warned her parents that if she survived intubation and heart surgery, she wouldn’t live long and would likely face many medical challenges in the future. Yet, by the grace of God, baby Hayley overcame every hurdle.

Fast forward to 2024 and this grace still carries Hayley.

The young woman graduated with a nursing degree last month, and her journey came full circle when she landed a job as a NICU nurse in the very unit where she once fought for her life 20 years ago.

Hayley views her early life struggles not just as her own but as part of a larger testimony of her family’s love, the dedication of her medical team, and the mercy of Jesus Christ.

Before Hayley, her parents suffered the loss of her older twin siblings. Hayley was also a twin, but her sister passed away two days after birth.

Hayley’s survival is truly a miracle.

Months of NICU care made baby Hayley strong enough to go home, though her doctors warned of potential future complications. This prediction partially came true when she was diagnosed with scoliosis at eight. She wore a back brace starting at age nine and underwent spinal fusion surgery just before high school.

“I remember walking into that surgery knowing the Lord had saved me for a purpose,” Hayley recalls. “I wasn’t sure what that purpose was, but I knew that life had been hard and that this surgery was going to be life-changing.”

The grace Hayley received from others during her medical journey inspired her to become a nurse. Her personal experiences fueled a passion for caring for others. This calling solidified in high school and became a reality at Cedarville University, where she aimed to combine her nursing career with her faith.

At Cedarville, she earned an internship and preceptorship in the same NICU where she had been a patient. “I never thought I would actually get chosen to work at Nationwide Children’s,” Hayley says. “It’s incredibly difficult and very rewarding.”

For Hayley, working alongside the medical professionals who once cared for her is an honor. More importantly, she sees her role as an opportunity to offer hope to NICU families. 

“They told me I might never have a normal life, but by the grace of God, I finished nursing school and am now entering the field as a professional,” Hayley reflected. “It’s special to be a light to these parents and to give them hope that their child can lead a full life.”

“Working in the NICU is taxing, but it helps you realize the importance of life and death and how, as a Christian nurse, you can serve in times of difficulty,” Hayley adds. “You get to walk through all those highs and lows with them, and that’s a super special way to serve as both a healthcare professional and a Christian.”

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