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Pro-abortion writer tells pro-choicers to ‘get over’ sex selection abortions

by | Jun 12, 2024

By Sarah Terzo

A pro-choicer writing about how her fellow pro-choicers should not oppose sex selection abortions:

“Also, let’s just remember that we are talking about fetuses. No matter how many ultrasound pics get posted to Facebook, these are fetuses with female genitals or male genitals—not little girls and little boys. If pro-choicers object to aborting because of the sex of the fetus, aren’t we then saying that abortion is “murdering” girls? Aren’t we basically arguing that a fetus is not a blank slate but a future possibility? That is not the case to make if your goal is to protect abortion rights. Gulp for a second if you must, then get over it.”

Allison Benedikt, “Why Pro-Choicers Should Be OK With Sex-Selection Abortions” Slate MAY 31, 2012.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Sarah Terzo is a pro-life blogger and creator of Clinicquotes website.