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Pro-abortionists protest firing of teacher who took a student out of school for an abortion

by | Jun 25, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Last week we reposted a story written by Cassy Fiano-Chesser that I assumed (falsely) everyone would agree with the decision to fire a New Hampshire teacher

“after requesting sick leave, during which the teacher actually took a student to get an abortion”!

Apparently the situation became public when Education Commissioner Frank Edelbut wrote  an April op-ed, “where he referenced numerous concerns expressed by teachers and parents alike,”  Fiano-Chesser reported

In the op-ed, he asked how the department should react “when, allegedly, an educator lies by calling in sick so they can take a student – without parental knowledge – to get an abortion. Should we turn a blind eye?”

The pro-abortionists say no, we shouldn’t. The teacher should at a minimum not be fired but in fact be praised for making a “tough decision.”

Under the headline “Protesters oppose NH teacher’s firing for allegedly taking student for abortion services,”  Erin Logan writes that “The firing of a teacher at the Regional Services and Education Center in Amherst has become a flashpoint in New Hampshire’s abortion debate.”

At a packed reproductive rights event in Concord Monday, many spoke out in favor of the teacher, saying she was put in a tough situation.


“I feel like the teacher was just doing what they felt, as a human, and putting their job at risk,” said Maryrose Wainaina. “As a student, you go to your teachers cause you trust them.

The New Hampshire Department of Education says, “the teacher admitted to faking a sick day to take the student to have a medical procedure,” Logan wrote. “It also says the teacher assured she spoke to the student for more than two weeks about options and finding a safe facility.”

At the end of the story, Logan interviewed “counter-protesters at Monday evening’s pro-choice event” who “sounded off.”

“The teacher should not be involved with them, taking those kids to those clinics,” said Margaret Svedsen. “Medical procedures? You can’t give a kid an aspirin in school, and yet you can take them to have an abortion, which may have complications, and not tell a parent? No.”


 “I think the teacher should be fired, and I don’t think she should ever get a job again,” continued Svedsen, who held an anti-abortion sign.

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