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Pro-Life Leaders Demand Investigation into Deaths of Two Babies Found on Baltimore Bus

by | Jun 17, 2024

BALTIMORE, June 2024    Maryland Right to Life is demanding that the Baltimore Police Department conduct a full criminal investigation into the tragic deaths of two babies whose remains were discovered on a Maryland Transit Authority bus in Baltimore City on June 1st. The nonprofit organization, which has been a leading voice for human rights for more than fifty years, called for the humane treatment of the babies’ remains and has offered to provide proper burials.

“Despite the circumstances of their deaths, we are seeking justice for these tiny human beings,” said Laura Bogley, Executive Director of Maryland Right to Life, “we have expressed our intention to provide a dignified burial for these babies.” The pro-life organization has been recognized for their advocacy efforts in the Maryland General Assembly to promote state policies that respect human life.

Last May the group celebrated the enactment of a new law they drafted to give pregnant women greater access to lifesaving alternatives to abortion. The Maryland Safe Haven Program enhancements go into effect October 1st and will allow women who cannot care for their newborns to safely relinquish their children to trusted providers for a full sixty days following birth, without fear of prosecution. The organization lamented on social media that the recent incident only confirms the extreme need for real solutions for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

In a letter to the Baltimore Police Department, Bogley wrote “As part of that investigation, the Department must consider the possibility of foul play, which may include abuse or coercion of the mother by another individual, and possibly related to sex trafficking.” Bogley cited the recent incident of a man in Massachusetts who was convicted after inducing his pregnant girlfriend to unknowingly ingest abortion pills, causing the miscarriage and death of their child.

“If the Department does not conduct toxicology screenings of both children, the Department will be denying the mother critical evidence that may be necessary to prosecute her abuser” Bogley wrote.

While the mother of these two deceased children has not been identified, she may be in need of both medical and psychological support. For free and confidential help, women may contact the Option Line at 1-800-712-4357.

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