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Pro-life Poland fights back against pro-abortion politicians with series of local marches

by | Jun 25, 2024

On Sunday, June 16, pro-life, pro-family Poles marched in the cities of Warsaw, Gdańsk (formerly Danzig), Katowice, Kraków, and Radom as well as in several smaller towns.

By Dorothy Cummings McLean

Poland witnessed 18 separate marches “for life and family” last weekend.

On Sunday, June 16, pro-life, pro-family Poles marched in the cities of Warsaw, Gdańsk (formerly Danzig), Katowice, Kraków and Radom and in the smaller towns of Bełchatów, Dzieżonów, Golub-Dobrzyń, Gryfice, Iława, Kołczygłowy, Kościan, Łęczna, Siemiatycze, Sieradz, and Zduńska Wola.

The march in Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, was organized by the Center for Life and Family, which merged with the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture at the beginning of 2024. According to Ordo Iuris, 5,000 people took part in the Warsaw march.

Most of the others were organized with our support and the Center for Life and Family brand,” Ordo Iuris’ Olivier Bault told LifeSiteNews.

“Some, like the one in Krakow, also used the name March for Life and Family (literally, Marsz dla Życia I Rodziny) but were organized independently from us, although we do cooperate with the organizers.”

Bault told LifeSiteNews that the Marches for Life and Family are relatively small and apolitical events compared with the annual national pro-life rally.

“These are never massive marches, unlike the National March for Life that took place in Warsaw on April 14,” he said.  “In smaller towns, there usually are somewhere between 200 and 800 people. Some are organized by parishes, other are organized by local parishes, organizations, or private people. For last Sunday, we are still receiving the data given by the organizers, but overall we assess that the total number of people that have attended the some 50 marches that have taken place in May-June is about 100,000.”

“As a comparison, the organizers of the National March for Life assessed the attendance on April 14 at about 50,000,” Bault continued. “This was probably not exaggerated. The organizers of marches in Poland tend to not inflate their numbers because else they would have to pay higher fees to the national authors’ associations ZAIKS for the music played during their events, for example.”

There have been at least 50 local pro-life marches in Poland since April. Four more Marches for Life and Family are planned for this coming weekend.

Bault told LifeSiteNews that the next “round” of Marches for Life and Family will take place in September and October.

This year, the Marches for Life and Family have as their context a new government that has showed itself willing to alter Poland’s relatively pro-life laws to suit the radically pro-abortion European Union, of which it is currently a member.

Under Poland’s current law, abortion is only permitted if the mother’s health or life is threatened or in cases of rape. However, in April, the ruling government coalition voted in favor of advancing several bills that seek to allow abortion on demand. Two of these bills, put forth by Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s party would allow abortion on demand up until the 12th week of pregnancy, similar to many other European countries.

This is unprecedented since the end of the Communist People’s Republic of Poland in 1989 and the introduction of laws, beginning in the 1990s, to better protect the lives of Poland’s youngest, most vulnerable children.

Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSite News and is reposted with permission.

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