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San Francisco mayor introduces measure to increase ‘core value’ of abortion

by | Jun 24, 2024

By Bridget Sielicki

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has announced the San Francisco Reproductive Freedom Act, a ballot measure that would prevent city funds from being used to cooperate with out-of-state abortion prosecutions and create a fund to help people access abortions. It would also target pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), limiting their funding, and requiring signage for PRCs that state they do not commit abortions.

Breed made her announcement during a press conference held at a local Planned Parenthood abortion business. In addition to the above objectives, she also signaled her intent to make it easier for abortion facilities to open in San Francisco.

“We have to demonstrate with the voters of San Francisco what our values are, and how we will continue as a city to fight against any injustice,” Breed said. “That reproductive health and freedom will continue to be protected in The City in whatever ways possible.”

“We have stood on the right side of history before and now, more than ever, we will work harder to get back what was taken and preserve what we know to be a core value in this country,” she noted.

According to Breed’s office, more than 1,200 abortions are committed in the city each year — a tragic number of deaths city officials seem only too happy to increase.

“This ballot measure sends a clear message: San Francisco will always stand as a beacon of hope and protection for those seeking reproductive autonomy,” said Supervisor Catherine Stefani.

“The San Francisco Reproductive Freedom Act helps safeguard our community’s access to safe and legal abortion services, starkly contrasting the shameful trend of eroding reproductive rights across the country.”

During the press conference, Breed also took a shot at PRCs, which provide valuable help to pregnant women in need. “It’s very unfortunate when you’re going to understand what all your options are, you’re being told that you will go to hell if you get an abortion,” she stated. “We don’t need people telling someone that at a very vulnerable moment.”

This statement is nothing but a wild and baseless claim. PRCs do not use religious scare tactics to batter women into keeping their babies but instead offer free services like private medical consultation, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing, and maternity and baby items. The centers also refer women for medical support, financial help, maternity housing, legal help, professional counseling, child care, and prenatal care.

Countless women and families say they have benefited from these centers and are grateful for the help they have received.

In November, city voters will decide whether to adopt the measure as official city policy.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and reposted with permission.

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