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She’s Worth Fighting For!

by | Jun 19, 2024

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

It should be no surprise to anyone who supports the pro-Life movement that we need everyone to work strategically to shift the narrative, one person at a time.

Through conversation and real-life statistics, not arguments, you plant a seed for someone to consider. We lose people immediately when we argue; they either stop listening or take offense.

So, let’s focus on the language we use and how we convey our message. We cannot afford to be careless when innocent lives are at stake.

Have you considered your approach to delivering the pro-life message to reach undecided people when starting conversations? Often, we focus on the opposition’s strengths or get distracted by their actions. We must concentrate on the end game and not give up any yardage.

The abortion lobby is making every effort to expand access to abortion right up to the point of birth, disguising it as “Reproductive Healthcare.” They are also raising record amounts of money to promote this agenda. Yet, we must keep their activities and plans in tension with our focus and resolve.

It may seem like one day we woke up, and the other side had taken over the narrative, but that isn’t the truth. They hunkered down well before Roe was overturned, raising money and developing buzzwords, writing books full of fear – and now we see the dangerous carnage.

The National Right to Life Development Department is developing a marketing and digital media plan that appeals to a diverse audience across different age groups. We are working on reframing our messaging to engage with those who are undecided, while also strengthening our existing support base and reaching out to new potential supporters.

Unborn babies deserve to be born. No matter how you spin it, ending the Life of an innocent baby is wrong and must not be ignored.

Let’s work together to champion this worthy cause to the best of our ability and deliver our message consistently as a reliable metronome that never misses a beat.

Like everything else, digital and social media marketing is expensive, but their most significant advantage is reaching a broad audience and making an impact. Let’s change the conversation! If you can donate $500, $1,000, or $2,000, we will use your contribution to initiate meaningful change. And, if those amounts seem out of reach, your gift of $35, $65, or even $100 will go directly towards our plan to initiate meaningful change.

Our goal exceeds $100,000, but with all of your help, I know we can achieve it!

When we look at the milestone photograph on this page, we don’t know the end of the story. Why? It’s not our story; it’s her story to tell once she’s born, and each little one deserves a story.

No contribution is too big or too small; every gift will make an impact. Whether it’s $50, $100, $200, or even $1,000, we are incredibly grateful for any amount.

Future generations may not recognize your contribution, but you will know the impact YOU made. Your donation, no matter the size, will directly contribute to changing lives and shaping a better future.




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