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State legislation Update: As sessions come to an end, pro-life laws are being passed

by | Jun 5, 2024

By Ingrid Duran, State Legislative Director

As the 2024 state legislative winds down for most states, there were plenty of prolife gains to write about this year.  These prolife wins demonstrate the importance of having life-affirming laws that build a culture recognizing that all lives—from womb to tomb—deserve protection.

A new kind of bill—”Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act” —creates the crime of coerced abortion by means of fraud! Senate Bill 276 was recently passed and signed into law by Louisiana’s prolife Governor Jeff Landry.

Senate Bill 276 makes it a crime to coerce a pregnant mother by using deception to poison her with an abortion-inducing drug.  Louisiana’s law also designated abortion inducing drugs as a controlled substance.

Unfortunately, since abortion-inducing drugs are available to anyone with internet access, there have been multiple attempts nationwide where pregnant women were poisoned with the intent of killing the unborn baby.  Louisiana State Senator Thomas Pressly along with National Right to Life’s (NRLC) affiliate Louisiana Right to Life Federation were instrumental in getting that law passed.

Tennessee’s governor Bill Lee recently signed a law— from the NRLC’s post-Dobbs model—that makes it a crime for abortion trafficking a minor. This law protects a parent or legal guardian’s right to be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision. The law prohibits any adult from recruiting, harboring, or transporting a pregnant unemancipated minor within this state to get an abortion without parental knowledge.

When we compiled our last state legislative update, found at, the Kansas Legislature was preparing for a veto session. Laura Kelly, their pro-abortion governor, who is no friend to the preborn, had vetoed four prolife bills.  NRLC’s affiliate Kansans for worked tirelessly to get enough votes to override Kelly’s veto.  And they did!

The Kansas Legislature successfully overrode the veto on a bill providing tax credits for pregnancy resource centers; on a bill amending their statistical reporting of abortions; on a bill that prevents coercion of abortion; and on a budget bill with a rider in it to continue funding for pregnancy resource centers.

Virginia’s pro-life Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed four proabortion bills that could have expanded the use of dangerous chemical abortions and infringed on parental and conscience rights.

There are many reasons to celebrate a successful 2024 legislative update, but we must remain vigilant. This session also had a few hostile laws that were passed by their legislatures and signed by their governors.

Lamentably, after the Arizona state supreme court ruled in favor of a pre-Roe law that protects the unborn, pro-abortion Governor Katie Hobbs signed a bill repealing the law. Reacting to the news in Arizona, California enacted a bill allowing for Arizona abortionists to provide abortions in California. Pro-abortion Governor Gavin Newsom (who had pushed for the bill) quickly signed Senate Bill 233 into law.

The West is taking a huge leap from making abortions “safe, legal, and rare” to unregulated, unprecedented, and usual.

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