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Still time to register for NRLC’s 53rd Annual Conference

by | Jun 24, 2024

“Some events just tug at your heart and won’t let go. That’s how I feel about the National Right to Life Conference.”

 By Dave Andrusko

It’s Monday, June 24. We are four days away from the start of the pro-life educational of the year: the 53rd annual National Right to Life Conference! You can register here.

Maria Gallagher, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, put it best:

Some events just tug at your heart and won’t let go.

That’s how I feel about the National Right to Life Conference.

 This powerhouse of a pro-life event will take place June 28 and 29 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

Just to list the exceptional roster of speakers gives me a thrill of anticipation.

Kayleigh McEnany will be the keynote speaker at Saturday night’s Gala. This is an opportunity to hear from one of the most influential voices of our time. “Join us in welcoming Kayleigh McEnany and prepare to be inspired and empowered at this year’s conference,” writes Rai Rojas, NRL Director of Outreach. “Together, we can make a profound impact in the fight to protect life.”

As Kayleigh wrote in her book “Serenity in the Storm,”

the Supreme Court has delivered steady victories for men and women of faith. Furthermore, the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade proved to be the most consequential Supreme Court decision of my lifetime. In deciding to return power to the people, some jurisdictions in this country have now chosen to protect innocent life.

Our God is bigger than the challenges we face, and make no mistake, He is at work!

Kayleigh graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor and Georgetown University School of Foreign Services with a degree in international politics.

She is the former White House press secretary and current co-host of Outnumbered on the Fox News Channel. Prior to serving in the White House, Kayleigh worked as the national press secretary for the Trump Campaign and formerly the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

During the two-day conference, attendees will also hear from such stalwart pro-lifers as Rep. Kat Cammack, Fr. Paul Scalia, Tim Garrison, Alex Schadenberg, Dr. Susan Bane, Dr. John BruchalskiDr. Angela Lanfranchi, Megan Wold, Dr. Michael New, Lois Anderson, Tatiana Bergum, Cathy Blaeser, James Bopp, Brandon Bosma, Anne Carmichael, Benjamin Clapper, Dominique DavisJean Marie Davis, Destiny Herndon De La Rosa, Kurt Filla, Myrna Maloney Flynn, Maria Gallagher, Sheila Harper, Cherilyn HollowayMary Kellett, Krystal MineraPatrick Kernan Quinn, Peter Range, Eileen Roberts, Amber Roseboom, Cecily Routman, and Doreen Shirek.

This is an opportunity to learn, to share stories, and to be part of the greatest movement for social justice of our time.

As Maria wrote, “You don’t want to pass up this opportunity to rekindle friendships, make new friends, and learn how to be a more effective ambassador for life!”

Don’t hesitate! Register here. See you in four days.

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