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Taking self-deception to a new level: “What I learned from my four abortions”

by | Jun 10, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Over the years, I’ve read a lot of stories written from the pro-abortion perspective primarily because the mechanisms they use to shield themselves from what they are doing to hapless unborn babies reminds me of what we are up against.

It’s not unusual to be lectured that snuffing out the lives of preborn babies is liberating/fulfilling/empowering. But “What I Learned From My Four Abortions” takes aggressive self-deceit to a new level.

You would expect nothing less from the Rewire News Group. It specializes in pushing abortion advocacy to the outer limits under the guise of this being a “deeply personal and empowering journey that allowed me to make the best decision for my body and my future on my own terms,” to quote Larada Lee-Wallace, the author of this piece.

Of course, there is not the slightest inkling in Lee-Wallace’s essay that there could or should be hesitation before she undertook her “abortion journey” which “began early in the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and was punctuated by four pregnancies that I decided to terminate.”

The most fulfilling of all was the last: her “self-managed abortion via pills” which “allowed me to make the best decision for my body and my future on my own terms.” Her other three abortions were typically like her second abortion–at an abortion clinic where “I received an icy reception from the staff, their demeanor mirroring the sterile environment. Stripped of the comfort of familiar faces due to pandemic restrictions and social distancing measures, I felt loneliness, exacerbated by the impersonal nature of my surroundings.”

Before we go further, we have to understand her narcissism blinds her from grasping why she is pregnant in the first place—four times to boot. “My third pregnancy discovery arrived as unexpectedly as the first in two.

“Unexpectedly”? How about her first pregnancy which she “discovered”? The babies just appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Such a willfully cavalier attitude means Lee-Wallace cannot acknowledge cause and effect or accept any responsibility for the deaths of four unborn babies.

Abortion #3 is another off-putting experience for Lee-Wallace.

Lying sedated, the procedure itself unfolded in a blur of sterile surroundings and clinical efficiency. After the procedure, I grappled with a profound sense of dissonance, as the bleak realities of reproductive injustice collided with the rhetoric of choice and autonomy.

But thank heavens, so to speak, for “self-managed” abortions—“DIY” —”that was a stark contrast to my previous experiences.”

Empowered by my work as an abortion advocate and doula, I embraced the autonomy of managing my own care at home. Supported by my partner and armed with information, I navigated the process confidently, free from the bureaucratic burdens that had marred previous experiences. My partner was by my side as I transformed my office space into a sanctuary of compassionate care.

You knew, even before reading her conclusion, that this “sanctuary of compassionate care” would come equipped with a television that “illuminated the room, casting a soft glow that belied the gravity of the moment while I passed the pregnancy” and be “infused with the aroma of my favorite nag champa incense.”

But the point is simple: “self-managed abortions” skip over—avoid–the cold, impersonal, sterile atmosphere of the abortion clinic where there might be just a tiny hint of judgment. Lee-Wallace concludes

As I reflect on these journeys, the safety and effectiveness of self-managed abortion emerges as a beacon of hope amid the mounting legislative restrictions.

Less a “beacon of hope” for the four unborn babies she sacrificed on the altar of “dismantling barriers” and “unfettered access” to abortion.

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