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The deluge of bad news continues for pro-abortion President Joe Biden

by | Jun 13, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Bret Stephens’ June 11 New York Times column ran under  this headline: The Most Courageous Thing That Joe Biden Can Do”.

And what is that exactly?

“He can still choose not to run…”


Two days later interviewed for “The Point,” Stephans was asked by Patrick Healy, Deputy Editor of the Times’s Opinion Page, “What inspired you to write the column now?”

If the president and his team don’t do something dramatic to turn around the dynamics of this election, Donald Trump will again be president next year. …


I’ve been pressing the case since 2021, when I argued that Biden would better serve his country, party and legacy by being the transitional president he all but promised to be as a candidate.

Stephans ended the conversation with

Any reader who thinks Biden is fit to go the distance in a second term should watch this video clip of him at a Juneteenth event on Monday. Be honest about what you see. As I said, the hour is getting late.

The clip shows President Biden seemingly frozen for 18 agonizingly long seconds. It is scary as all get-out.

There’s been a continuous barrage of negative news for the President. On the same day that Stephans said Biden stepping down would “be a courageous, honorable and transformative legacy,” National Review Online’s Nargis Rahman picked up many warning signals from the recent CBS News/You Gov poll.

The marginal impact Trump’s conviction has had in the race suggests its trajectory will soon revert back to the status quo that has previously defined it, and that dynamic favors Trump. But the CBS News/YouGov poll’s findings also suggest the possibility that the race for the White House may not be static for long. Beyond the top-line numbers in its latest survey, this poll also shows that voters are more likely to default to Trump than Biden as Election Day nears.

That same poll is music to the Trump campaign’s ears:

In that poll, Trump maintains commanding margins among voters he needs — white voters without a college degree, seniors, and self-described Republicans — while holding his deficit among independents and women voters to single digits. With 18 percent support among African Americans, Trump continues to show surprising strength among core Democratic voting blocks.

And then there is Nate Silver’s analysis, another downer for Biden whose approval rating has sunk to all-time how—37.4%. On June 10, Silver, who founded FiveThirtyEight before leaving in 2023, is one of the country’s premier numbers-cruncher and political analysists.

He tweeted this:

Silver added,

“What’s clearer IMO is that Democrats would have been better served if Biden had decided a year ago not to seek a second term, which would have allowed them to have some semblance of a primary process and give voters a say among the many popular Democrats across the country.”

Finally, there is this from the New York Post’s Victor Nava’s June 10 column where he quotes extensively from a post last month by Silver:

Silver noted that Biden is in “MUCH worse shape,” in terms of polling, than he was in 2020 heading into Election Day, when he held leads in the swing states of Arizona, Florida Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 


Several recent surveys show Trump ahead of Biden in all of those states.

Biden’s age and his extremely unsteady performance in public settings have even Democrats beginning to turn away. Nava writes

Silver suggested Biden’s age may be to blame for his lackluster support, calling it an “extremely understandable concern” for voters. 


“Biden’s age is something voters are overwhelmingly consistent about mentioning in polls,” he said. “The concern has persisted through various phases of media vibes.”


“The side-by-side video comparisons of Biden now vs. e.g. 2012 are also extremely revealing,” Silver continued. “There’s been an obvious change.” 


“I think it’s borderline gaslighting to imply it’s just a media/vibes thing.”

More tomorrow.

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