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The Second Anniversary of the Dobbs Decision Sees More Pressure on Virginia to Defend Life

by | Jun 25, 2024

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Two years after the Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision which reversed Roe v. Wade, Virginia faces  a dangerous reality.  We are the last state in the Southern region of America still permitting abortions throughout pregnancy with few regulations in place.  Abortion promoters and facilities operate with virtually no oversight. 

Chemical abortion drugs are sent to women without any required physical examination before taking these powerful drugs. New abortion businesses are being established in various parts of Virginia with little or no public input. City governments are removing protective zoning laws in order to attract these deadly operators.  Pro-abortion members of the General Assembly are more interested in providing cover to abortionists who break laws in other states, than in the harm these law breakers may be causing the women who seek help in crisis situations.

In other words, Virginia after Roe is in danger of becoming  the abortion capital of the south, and that is bad news for preborn children and their mothers. 

Most alarming of all is the effort of radical pro-abortion Virginia legislators to pass an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that would make abortion legal without any regulation up to birth. The effect of this amendment would remove Virginia’s parental consent law and require that taxpayers pay for all abortions under state health care plans.  It is even possible that the proposed amendment would prevent new laws that could protect women from coercion or who are being trafficked! Yet it would allow abortionists to avoid prosecution if they hurt the women that come to them.

While pro-lifers in Virginia are grateful that the Dobbs decision opened a path for many of our neighboring states to pass laws that have saved hundreds of lives, we must face the ugly fact that for the time being, Virginia can’t join them. We know that the current Democrat leadership in the General Assembly will not allow any pro-life bill to get a fair hearing. They have even rejected a compassionate bill to require lifesaving care for babies who survive a late term abortion!

Virginians must reject the extremism we have seen here since Dobbs. We must support the dozens of free women and child centered programs that have come into existence in the Commonwealth since Roe v Wade, and the many new ones being established since Dobbs. This is the way forward for Virginia and we must do all we can to put a stop to the abortion industry that wants to use Virginia for its own financial gain.

Roe may be gone but Virginia has a lot to do before the laws here will be able to save more preborn children and their mothers from the violence that is abortion. 

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