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“We love both: Standing Strong with Moms and Babies” theme of NRLC’s 53rd Annual Conference

by | Jun 28, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

From left to right: Carol Tobias, Ingrid Duran, Megan Wold, JD, and Jennifer Popik, JD

The 53rd annual National Right to Life got off to a fabulous beginning this morning with Rev. Paul D. Scalia eloquently presenting a call for pro-life prophets followed by a top-notched panel which spoke passionately of “Resilient Voices: Women For Life.”

Rev. Scalia’s theme for the Opening Prayer Breakfast was “Reflections on the Mission of the Prophets of the Pro-Life Movement.” All pro-lifers are prophets in three ways: We bear witness to the truth; We condemn and rebuke that which is not true; and Pro-life prophets also bring comfort and healing.

Rev. Scalia asked and answered the question, “How do we grow in our role as prophets?” First, as co-workers, we do our work but know that the truth “has a power of its own.”

Second, we play “the long game.” [Seekers after instant gratification we are not.]

Third, Prayer for healing and forgiveness.

The Open General Session of NRLC’s 53rd annual conference featured passionately pro-life Rep. Kat Cammack; Megan Wold, JD, who serves on the Right to Life of Idaho and litigated against the Biden Administration’s attempted use of EMTALA to bypass state protective laws; and Jennifer Popik, JD, Director of  NRLC’s Federal Legislation.

Rep. Cammack told her personal story which tells you much about her. Her mother was urged to abort the future congresswoman several times but her mother chose to protect her unborn daughter.

Wold talked of how changes to Idaho’s pro-life law had been changed to reflect demands of the Idaho Supreme Court. It was important the Biden administration conceded along the way that “mental health” is not a justification for abortion

Popik spoke of the many pro-life initiative the House of Representatives is working on. Creativity is the name of the game with the Senate and the Presidency in the hands of pro-abortion Democrats.

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