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Biden’s Decline On Stark Display In CNN Montage Of Debates Over The Years

by | Jul 8, 2024

By Mark Finkelstein

You know those drawings of man’s evolution in reverse, going from modern Homo Sapiens to a primate on all fours?

That’s what CNN’s brutal montage of Biden’s debate performances over the years brought to mind this July 4th morning.

Morning Joe took the holiday off, perhaps reeling from the torrent of bad news for Biden. Instead, the show reran past interviews, featuring Mika’s chat with Kamala Harris about abortion. One benefit for Morning Joe: they were spared having to explain Scarborough’s continuing absence!

But over at CNN This Morning, Kasie Hunt hosted a regular episode. It was highlighted by a brutal montage that CNN had assembled of Biden’s debate performances over the years, putting his decline on stark display.

It began with a clip of the 2012 VP debate, in which a sharp and smirking Biden put down Paul Ryan.

Next was the 2020 presidential debate, in which a marginally competent but clearly diminished Biden managed to make a point.

And finally, that disastrously iconic clip from last week’s debate, ending in Biden’s piteous “We finally beat Medicare.”

Meghan Hays, a former Biden aide, was playing defense and taking incoming from all sides. Lance Trover, a former aide to Doug Bergum, said that the Biden campaign has a credibility problem. He pointed to the fierce attacks the campaign had launched in response the recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that Biden is “slipping.”

Guess the Journal was onto something!

Seconding Trover on the Biden campaign’s credibility problem, Alex Thompson of Axios said that reporters “don’t believe them [the Biden campaign people] anymore.”

Hays tried to push back, arguing that what counts is whom voters, not reporters, believe. Hunt then stepped in: “voters are less willing” than reporters to believe the Biden people!

Thompson then administered something of a coup de grace, saying:

A lot of reporters are catching up to where voters have already been. Voters have already said forever, in every poll for over a year that they thought, like 70% of Americans can’t agree on anything, except they think that Joe Biden’s too old.”


Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.

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