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Clearer than ever: The abortion industry wants dead babies

by | Jul 12, 2024

NRLC 2024: Opening General Session

By Carol Tobias, President

Fr. Paul Scalia with NRLC president Carol Tobias

Editor’s note. The following was delivered at the Opening General Session of NRLC’s 53rd Annual Conference.

For 50 years, the abortion industry has told us that women should have a “choice” when it comes to abortion; that women had the “right to choose” whether or not to end a pregnancy.

It has been clear, over the years, and is becoming even more clear now, that women shouldn’t be allowed to choose life. The abortion industry wants dead babies.

Many states enacted informed consent laws to make sure that women seeking an abortion are fully informed about the abortion procedure, its potential risks, and available alternatives — something required for every other surgical procedure performed in the United States.

The abortion industry has vigorously opposed these laws. They seem to think that if she gets information about her baby and the abortion process, she’ll change her mind. They would rather rush her into the abortion facility, or get some pills into her hands, before she has a chance to consider what she learned.

The abortion industry and its allies in the Democratic party detest anyone who provides valuable free services to women who want and need help. The abortion industry claims pregnancy resource centers are “deceptive” because they advertise pregnancy help but don’t do abortions.

Some states, along with Democrat members of Congress and pro-abortion state attorneys general, are vigorously trying to shut down the pregnancy centers, and they are pushing the Federal Trade Commission to prohibit what they call “deceptive and misleading information” by the pregnancy centers.

Many of these same members of Congress are pushing Google and other tech companies to censor information from the pregnancy centers when someone searches for information on abortion.

They are upset that the pregnancy centers provide women with the information they deserve to have before making a life or death decision for their babies—information the abortion industry refuses to give them.

If a woman contacts a pregnancy center but tragically follows through and has an abortion, the center can’t stop her. They will, however, let her know that if she experiences post-abortion grief or regret, she is welcome her back with open arms for support and any counsel she may want.

Along with lobbying to obliterate pregnancy centers, abortion proponents have also set their sights on Abortion Pill Reversal (APR).

If a woman takes mifepristone, the first of two pills in the chemical abortion process, then changes her mind about the abortion before taking the second pill, misoprostol, she can seek help, getting a heavy-dose progesterone treatment to counteract the effect of the mifepristone. The process is effective about 2/3 of the time and more than 5,000 babies are alive because their moms changed their minds and these precious babies survived.

There are attempts to penalize doctors who help a woman who had the audacity to change her mind, to try and save her baby.

Just this past January, the US House of Representatives voted on the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act. It would ensure that pregnant students at colleges and universities be informed about accommodations and resources available to them.  Not a single Democrat voted for that bill.

he Kansas legislature, this year, passed a bill that said there are penalties if you coerce a woman to have an abortion.  Pro-abortion, Democrat, Governor Kelly vetoed the bill. Thankfully, that veto was overridden and the law becomes effective on July 1.

If abortion partisans actually supported “choice,” they would acknowledge that many women don’t want an abortion, that they would prefer support with the pregnancy.

The label “pro-choice” is a lie. The abortion industry and its allies in the Dem party do not support “choice.” They are doing everything possible to remove options for pregnant women. They want dead babies and many heartbroken women.

It is the pro-life movement that offers not just words, but actions, to help pregnant women through a difficult time. Pregnancy resource centers do amazing work to help those who want and need it—tangible, emotional, practical help.

States that passed laws to protect unborn children have also passed laws to help new moms—providing information about resources that are available from both the private and public sector, expanding Medicaid coverage, providing support from country health nurses.

Texas—the state so vilified in the media– allows a pregnant student at college on a scholarship to hold on to the scholarship even if she drops out of school to have her baby. The scholarship is waiting for her to come back.

The pro-life movement loves and supports moms and babies. Our opponents care about neither.

I thank you for all you have done over the years to help both mom and baby. And I thank you for being here this weekend to learn how we can do that even more effectively.

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