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NewsBusters Podcast: Who Will Tell Joe Scarborough He Needs to Quit?

by | Jul 1, 2024

By Tim Graham

After Joe Biden’s mentally feeble performance in the CNN debate, it’s obvious that no one in the pro-Biden media more aggressively defended Biden as mentally sharp than MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Maybe his friends need to tell him he needs to quit. The show’s embarrassing.

Scarborough is the very last person in the American media who should be appearing on television today like he has not been severely discredited. Joe Scarborough has repeatedly rushed to the front of the Mental Acuity Wars, proclaiming this year’s Biden is the sharpest Biden ever — “intellectually, analytically.” When Biden’s cognitive decline went  on display, Scarborough quickly folded and said Biden should get out of the race.

As Scott Jennings proclaimed on CNN, every Democrat and every Democrat journalist who insisted Biden was mentally sharp lied to the American people.

Morning Joe regular Katty Kay tweeted after the debate: “Wondering what Dean Philips is thinking today. He complained that he couldn’t get traction in the press or in the primaries because the race wasn’t truly open. The incumbent had a lock on the system.” Congressman Philips ran against Biden to make the argument that he wasn’t mentally fit enough to defeat Trump. But the Democrats and their media enablers never gave him a chance, and never suggested it was plausible that Biden would have to engage in primary debates.

It’s only fair to admit that the CNN moderator team of Tapper and Bash showed remarkable restraint, which we did not expect. I boasted to the AP reporter that we were going to be counting anchor interruptions of the candidates. Nick Fondacaro counted one for each candidate. It was more common that they had to tell the candidates they still had time.

Nick counted the ideological tilt of questions, and it was 11 from the left, 8 neutral, and 3 from the right. And that’s being generous. The opening question stating the realities on the economy counts as a Republican question, even if it’s a factual question. The best question from the right was Bash asking Biden if he favored ANY restrictions on abortion. He didn’t name any, but he claimed he’s not in favor of late-term abortions. This is a Pants on Fire lie.. Just look at the 2020 Democrat platform. No restrictions.

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