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NRLC’s 53rd Annual Conference Demonstrates the truth that “We love both: Standing Strong with Moms and Babies”: Day Two

by | Jul 1, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Left to right: Dr. Susan Bane; Dr. Angela Lafranchi; and Dr. John Bruchalski

The 53rd Annual Conference of NRLC continued to develop its theme of “We love both: Standing Strong with Moms and Babies.” The morning General Session tackled a very difficult and very sensitive topic: “Meeting the Needs of Women Suffering Pre-Natal Medical Emergencies.”

Drs. John Bruchalski, Angela Lanfranchi, and Susan Bane gave a thorough explanation of what to expect from medical staffs when their pregnant patients discover their unborn child has a fetal anomaly. That included cases where the baby will survive only a little while—or not at all—which is where prenatal hospice comes in.

Dr. Bane once wrote

How a doctor engages patients in these challenging situations can either help alleviate their fear or increase it. Research shows, for example, that it’s important when delivering news of a prenatal diagnosis that physicians use a trauma-informed approach that acknowledges many women’s grief over the diagnosis and subdues the fight, flight, or freeze response they often experience in the moment. At the same time, physicians must lovingly convey the liberating truth: that sons or daughters born with health conditions are just as integral to their families as healthy babies, no matter how brief their time together.

Left to right. Jennifer Popik, Alex Schadenberg, Lois Anderson, and Wayne Cockfield

The afternoon General Session was titled “Assisted Suicide” It’s worse than you ever imagined.”  It had a distinctly international flavor, reflecting the relentless “Right to Die” movement.

Lois Anderson, executive director of Oregon Right to Life, reported on the action from the “left coast.” The way “Compassion & Choices”—formerly known as the Hemlock Society—manipulates language presents a formidable challenge to pro-lifers because when they are accepted it makes abuse inevitable. Anderson pointed out how only 12% of the doctors who prescribe the lethal cocktail follow on with their “patients.”

Alex Schadenberg, a Canadian, is the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a man who travels the globe to lecture on euthanasia and assisted suicide. He explained that because so few physicians will participate in “assisting” a suicide, it is crucial for pro-assisted suicide forces to make it possible for physician assistants and nurses eligible to play a role.

Typically, Schadenberg said, proponents will work to pass a relatively “modest” law. But those are “trojan horses”: once the right is established, all safeguards are thrown out.

Jennifer Popik, JD, directs the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics and explained the actions taken at the federal level.

Kayleigh McEnany

The Conference culminated with a Gala and a presentation by former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany that was both uplifting and amusing. She pointed to the audience and said “Dobbs was only made possible because of you in this room. Every time you went to a March for Life, every time you came to a convention, every time you voted on the pro-life issue, every time you kept fighting for life, you made that day possible.”

She made this most important point: “Most women want to choose life. But they don’t feel they have the financial, family, or social support.”

McEnany offered three thoughts on addressing abortion in a political context: “Do not hide from the issue.  We are on the side of life”; Show the extreme position of the other side; “Most important, we must lead with compassion.  We must love the woman as much as we love the baby.”

Which resonated perfectly with the theme of the Conference: We Love Both!

It is why we will carry the day for Moms and their Babies.

Speaking to all of us and for all of us, McEnany closed with this:

“And remember everyone is here for a purpose.  You were made for such a time as this.”

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