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Parliamentary candidate stands by image of unborn child in the womb

by | Jul 10, 2024

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Editor’s note. The General Election was held on July 4 but this was so inspiring I thought we should run it anyway.

A pro-life candidate has rejected claims that her campaign leaflet showing an unborn baby in the womb is “inappropriate”. “[It’s] just a picture of a baby developing in the womb”, she told the BBC. “What is outrageous about that?”

Pauline Peachey is an independent candidate for Hull North and Cottingham, in North-East England. Ms Peachey says she wants to raise awareness about abortion, which killed over 250,000 unborn children in 2022, the highest number ever recorded in England and Wales.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that someone wants to make a stand and say we can’t carry on like this”, said Ms Peachey. “What future have we got in the UK if we continue killing babies at this rate? It is brutal.”

The self-described pro-life candidate, who once had an abortion, added that she wants to help women like herself.

While some people in Hull reportedly found her leaflet “inappropriate” and even “disgusting”, one woman named Priyanka said, “I know some people would have felt bad seeing it, but people need to be aware of these issues.”

The 2024 General Election takes place tomorrow, on July 4. SPUC has encouraged its supporters to value their vote and consider carefully which candidates and parties they want to decide policy for the next five years.

A SPUC spokesperson said: “Abortion is the great moral issue of our time. It’s entirely right that the British public is made aware of what an unborn child looks like in the womb. After decades of pro-abortion propaganda dehumanising babies, pro-life leaflets like these simply show the reality.

“It’s so important that every pro-lifer in the UK values their vote and weighs up the choices in their respective constituencies. The beliefs and voting record of MPs may well prove decisive as issues such as abortion, including buffer zones, and assisted suicide are likely to be raised during the next Parliament.”

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