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Poem: To the father

by | Jul 3, 2024

By Guest Blogger, Secular Pro-Life

Editor’s note. Poem from a follower and supporter describing her thoughts and feelings decades ago as the father of her baby reacted to an unplanned pregnancy. Happily, he came around, and she has cherished being the mother of her now full-grown son.

I’m pregnant, I tell him

Stunned silence

You know you don’t have to go through with it

There it is

I fully support your right to choose
Of course I will pay for the abortion

What I hear:
You can fix this
I expect you to do the “right” thing
I’m not tryin’ to be anyone’s dad right now

What I feel:

What I need to hear from the man I’m in love with, whose irresistible moves helped create an irreplaceable human being:
We made a new life together
My son or daughter is growing inside you right now
We will figure this out together
I’m here for you both

Even if I’m shaking and scared and uncertain
Especially if I am

Man up and inspire hope, enough for both of us.

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