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Polling and data expert: Biden losing ground among critical religious groups 

by | Jul 2, 2024

President Joe Biden’s approval rating across various religious groups in America might spell trouble for the incumbent ahead of November’s elections according to a blog post by polling and data expert Ryan Burge.

In his most recent Substack, Graphs About Religion, published on July 1, Burge observes that Biden “is losing ground with a whole bunch of groups that he needs to win a second term,” according to recent polling.

Namely, Burge lists mainline protestants, black protestants, and non-white evangelicals as the most critical religious demographics for the Biden campaign who have indicated increasing disapproval of the President.

Burge notes that White Evangelicals continue to have low approval ratings for Biden, though the number of those in the demographic who “strongly disapprove” has decreased by approximately three points since prior surveys.

However, Pew Research found in its most recently released study on July 1 that while the White Evangelical approval rating of Trump has seen a recent “slip,” eight-in-ten among the demographic stated they would vote for him.

Overall, a stand-out data point Burge highlights is that approximately half of mainline protestants strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance, with White Catholic approval ratings also mirroring the negative trend.

Biden’s approval ratings across other religious groups are also trending downward, but Burge notes that this might not prevent many from casting their vote for him.

Despite the likelihood of this “negative partisanship,” as Burge calls it, “that’s not to say that Biden shouldn’t be worried here.”

“The only thing that may save him is the other person on the ballot,” he warned.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Catholic Vote.

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