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The preciousness of unborn life clear even to a preschooler

by | Jul 1, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It was one of those videos you hope will go viral, because of the beauty, truth, and goodness contained within it.

A proud godfather shared with me a clip of his goddaughter, who is now pregnant. The camera showed a close-up of the woman’s clothed womb—with her preborn child moving within.

Her preschool-age son provided whispered narration: “The baby is moving!” he enthused. “The baby is moving!” He then deemed the impressive event “amazing!”

The connection between boy and preborn sibling was profound. You could just hear the excitement in his voice in expectation of soon meeting his beloved brother or sister. It was a captivating moment, showing the beauty of brotherly love and affection.

And what’s more, it demonstrated quite clearly the humanity of the baby within the womb. It was clear from the video that there was a life within the mother, a distinct and irreplaceable human being.

The preciousness of that life was clear to the preschooler. Unfortunately, a kind of blindness prevents so many public officials from seeing as clearly as that young boy.

May our hope be that everyone can look with wonder at such a video, and proclaim, “Now I see!”

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