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Three Women Who Found The Abortion Pill Traumatic

by | Jul 9, 2024

In an article in New York Magazine, women who took the abortion pill suffered.

By Sarah Terzo

In 2013, New York Magazine published the stories of 26 women who had abortions. There is a great deal for pro-lifers to take away from the article. But today, I’m going to focus on one thing – the women’s experiences with the abortion pill.

Abortions by Pill Are Very Common

A recent study found that the abortion pill now accounts for 63% of abortions in the United States – and the actual number may be much higher.

This is because the abortion pill is so easy to obtain illegally from pharmacies and organizations outside the United States. Multiple websites exist where a pregnant person can go, put in her address, make a payment, and have the abortion pill shipped to her door.

It takes about five minutes to order the abortion pill online, and some sites charge as little as $50. An abortion by pill at Planned Parenthood costs, on average, $580, and can cost as much as $800. Ordering the abortion pill online is, therefore, a better deal for women paying out-of-pocket for their abortions.

I will not link to sites that provide the abortion pill for obvious reasons – but they are easy enough to find with a simple Google search.

Because it is so easy, quick, and inexpensive to order the abortion pill online, we can guess that many, many pregnant people are doing it. No one knows how many, because no study, to my knowledge, has been done recently (other than one very unreliable and poorly designed study in Texas).

But it’s easy to imagine that tens of thousands of women are illegally ordering the abortion pill, and none of them are included in the official statistics.

Now to the stories.

An Abortion That Was ‘Like a Nightmare’

One woman who shared her story was Abby. (All the women were identified by first name only, and some used fake names – I will use the names given in the article.)

Abby had her first abortion by surgery in New York when she was 25. It was an easy decision for her – no agonizing over her choices or ambivalence, at least before the decision. She says, “From the time I was a teenager, the idea of having an abortion if pregnant was a no-brainer.”

She doesn’t say much about her first abortion, but does say, “[I]t was like a nightmare…”

The Abortion Pill and Its Aftermath

Her second abortion was in Oklahoma in 2011. The method was the abortion pill. She says she wasn’t given a choice in method, even though surgical abortion was legal in Oklahoma at the time. (Today, abortion is legal in Oklahoma only in very limited circumstances).

A possible explanation is that the particular abortion facility she went to didn’t offer surgical abortions. Some abortion facilities, including many Planned Parenthood locations, only provide abortion pills, not surgical abortions.

An example is the Planned Parenthood clinic in Morristown, New Jersey, where the abortion pill is available on a walk-in basis – no appointment required – but not surgical abortion.

According to Abby, the abortion facility gave her an antibiotic, a painkiller, a latex glove, and the second drug of the abortion regimen, (which is Misoprostol) to be inserted vaginally.

The abortion was difficult from the start. Abby says, “[T]he antibiotic made me vomit and sh*t everywhere.”

The abortion pill itself can also cause these symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic, which lists diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting as among the “more common” side effects of the pill.

Abby decided not to use the latex glove to insert the second medication. She says, “I thought, F*ck the latex glove! F*ck them for thinking I can’t touch myself!”

The abortion facility didn’t give Abby a latex glove because they felt she couldn’t touch herself. They gave it to her to use to prevent a dangerous and potentially deadly infection.

One possible infectious bacterium is Clostridium sordellii, which causes toxic shock syndrome. This is what killed Holly Patterson, and 18-year-old who died after taking the abortion pill.

The abortion facility was very, very negligent in not telling Abby the real reason for the glove. Apparently, they didn’t warn her about the risk of infection. She put herself and her life in jeopardy by ignoring their instructions.

A Trip to the Emergency Room

Abby describes what happened when she inserted the second pill:

As soon as the contractions started, my hands turned into claws. I was dehydrated. I had this underlying feeling that I was being made to suffer, to repent for my situation.

Abby called her boss, and he took her to the ER. She says that at the hospital, “When I stood up, the bed was covered in blood.”

The hospital visit cost $2000, and she completed the abortion at home.

Abby describes passing a “gray golf-ball thing” which was almost certainly the amniotic sac containing her baby. She recalls wondering if she should simply flush the sac and baby down the toilet. I suppose it didn’t feel right to her. She doesn’t say what she ended up doing with her baby’s dead body.

Regret, Pain, and Coercion

A woman given the name Alex also took the abortion pill.

Alex says she spent the night after she took the abortion pill “hunched in bed, cramping unbelievably.”

The abortion seems to have haunted her, at least to some extent. She says, “It does affect you. Sometimes you regret and sometimes you feel good. You think, The baby would be a year old now.”

Another woman, Clio, initially wanted to keep the baby, but her boyfriend said no. She says:

I thought my boyfriend would say, ‘Yay!’ But he wanted me to have an abortion. I felt like if I did that, I’d be killing somebody. He wasn’t really involved in anything except video games.

That night, he played Call of Duty, this very gory war game that was his life. I slept alone. It mattered to me what the father wanted to do.

Sadly, Clio cared so much about the opinion of an indifferent, coldhearted man addicted to video games that she sacrificed her child for him.

She aborted at a friend’s house. Clio also suffered vomiting and diarrhea, and worse. She says, “I was puking and pooping, everything at the same time, delirious, unable to stand up.”

Taking the Abortion Pill is a Horrible Experience

Overall, the article shows that taking the abortion pill is a physically traumatizing experience causing intense cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, delirium, weakness, heavy bleeding, and fear so intense it drove one woman to the emergency room.

This is the right that pro-abortion groups fight so hard for. This is the experience they want for pregnant people.

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood, abortion clinics, and the pro-abortion movement in general, do nothing for pregnant people who want to keep their babies. They don’t provide any services to women who don’t want abortions – despite calling themselves pro-choice. They don’t support the choice of carrying a baby to term.

I’m not aware of any pro-abortion group that gives any help or support, material or emotional, to pregnant people who want to choose life. Having and raising a child is not what pro-abortion activists or the abortion industry want pregnant people to do.

The abortion pill – a painful, bloody, frightening experience, is what the pro-abortion movement wants for women.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Sarah substackYou can read more of her articles here.

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