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URGENT Delaware:  Please Contact Governor Carney’s Office and Urge Him to Veto HB140 and Prevent Assisted Suicide!

by | Jul 2, 2024

On Tuesday, June 25th, HB140, a measure to legalize assisted suicide came up for reconsideration after failing the previous week. It passed the Senate by a single vote. The measure will now head to the desk of Gov. John Carney.
According to AP, Governor Carney has stated, “Ultimately, though, I believe enabling physicians to facilitate suicide crosses a boundary that I’m just not comfortable crossing.”  Thank him for taking this position.
Assisted suicide can become law without his signature – he needs to veto the measure!
The Governor’s office contact information is here.
Key talking points in opposition to HB140:
  • This bill is too dangerous and will put vulnerable groups at risk, including those with disabilities and those at risk for elder abuse.
  • There is already a suicide epidemic in this country. Since Oregon legalized assisted suicide, the overall general suicide rates have risen.
  • In other states with this law, patients have been denied coverage for lifesaving treatment and offered assisted suicide instead. Health insurers will be able to cover assisted suicide.
  • The definition of a terminal condition will include persons with chronic, treatable conditions and those with disabilities – people who could live many years with treatment.
  • Under HB140, nearly all people who are suffering from mental illness or depression can still receive lethal drugs.
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