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What Do We Know About Abortion in Kansas on the Two-Year Anniversary of the Dobbs Decision?

by | Jul 2, 2024

By Kansans for Life

Editor’s note. Update. According to Kansas Public Radio, “A Kansas judge allowed a group of abortion providers to expand an existing lawsuit and challenge a new law requiring them to collect information about their patients’ reasons for ending their pregnancies.

“The law was slated to take effect Monday, along with two other laws backed by anti-abortion groups. But a Planned Parenthood Great Plains spokesperson said Monday that the Kansas health department “has stated that it will not enforce this intrusive law for now.” A health department spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“HB 2749 requires doctors to report abortion patients’ anonymized responses about why they’re getting an abortion — out of a list of 18 possible reasons — to state officials for public release. It also compels the state health department to release abortion statistics information twice yearly. …

The hearing took place on the same day that two other abortion-related laws took effect in Kansas. One increases funding for anti-abortion groups that dissuade women with unintended pregnancies from getting abortions. A second makes it easier to prosecute people for coercing others to get abortions.

June 24 marked the second anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. What do we know now about the current state of abortion in Kansas?

The abortion industry wants to be free from any state oversight but still claims to be safe, “heavily regulated” “healthcare.” 

While the abortion industry pretends that basic state oversight is somehow ‘extreme,’ the so-called ‘Trust Women’ clinic in Wichita is showing signs of a total meltdown, with an internal source admitting to the press it had been operating without medical oversight for at least a month. Is anyone actually watching out for women’s health and safety?

Gov. Laura Kelly is stalling the release of the annual state abortion numbers. 

Gov. Laura Kelly’s personnel at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are now signaling they plan to hold release of annual state statistics back several more months, meaning release of 2023 numbers may not happen until almost 2025, in spite of the new Abortion Reporting law, which was passed to hold the department accountable for timely release of data.

Gov. Kelly’s decision to not release the numbers shows the very reason the legislation was needed in the first place. Is she afraid of Kansans seeing abortions are skyrocketing while one of the largest abortion clinics was operating without medical oversight?

The abortion industry continues to sue commonsense protections for women.  

In 2023, the legislature passed abortion pill reversal notification requirements informing women of the potential to save their baby should they change their mind during a chemical abortion process. Abortionists filed a lawsuit against this protection along with the entirety of the Woman’s Right to Know Act. This same suit is now being expanded to also challenge the transparency in abortion reporting law passed in 2024.

As we said on last year’s anniversary, we will continue to work for a day the Sunflower State is a place that empowers women and gives them the tools to choose life—not the ever-growing destination for cruel abortions it has become.

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