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While the pressure mounts for Biden not to run for a second term, the President gives no sign he will voluntarily relinquish the White House

by | Jul 2, 2024

New CNN poll find Trump leads Biden 49/43

By Dave Andrusko

When it rains, it pours. Or, when it comes to the reaction to pro-abortion President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, when it rains there’s a deluge.

The groundswell of former supporters calling on pro-abortion President Biden to announce that he is not seeking a second term just mounts and mounts. Here are five headlines from least threatening to most …

  • Four days since his disastrous debate, Biden hasn’t called top Democrats in Congress
  • Democratic governors seek meeting with White House after poor debate performance
  • Democrats Now More Willing to Go Public with Biden Concerns
  • Biden wages desperate bid to save his reelection campaign after debate debacle
  • Rep. Lloyd Doggett is first Democrat to publicly call for Biden to step down as party’s nominee

Even relentlessly partisan former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi acknowledges, “I think it’s a legitimate question to say, ‘Is this an episode or is this a condition?’”

The headline of may have summarized it best:

We Can’t Unsee What We Saw

The debate was bad. The spin is somehow even worse.

The Biden team is putting on a brave face. After a weekend family confab, the message was…Go for It. Chief among the cheerleaders reportedly was wife Jill Biden and son Hunter Biden.

But CNN reports

However, the Democratic damage control strategy of arguing that one bad night does not detract from Biden’s past successes ignores the critical question with which many voters have wrestled for months: Is Biden simply too physically and cognitively diminished to serve another four years?


Republicans are doubling down on the issue. “All of America saw it. And you know who else saw it? Our adversaries saw it. Putin saw it, Xi saw it, the Ayatollah saw it,” North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, a potential Trump vice presidential pick said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” referring to the leaders of Russia, China and Iran.

Earlier today, NBC News ran a devastating story that underlines how rapidly Biden is losing support from Congress:

While Democratic lawmakers are all standing by Biden publicly, at least four told NBC News that they privately believe he needs to drop out now — four months before Election Day — to avoid a lopsided defeat for Democrats.


“It’s a very tough call. But because he will continue to decline, and because if he continues as our nominee we risk some catastrophic event after the convention that prohibits him from continuing as the nominee, he should step aside and allow for a nominating process at the convention in August,” said a Democratic lawmaker, who spoke on condition of anonymity to speak candidly.


Asked whether Biden should gracefully bow out now, a moderate House Democrat replied, “yes,” adding that they still would like to see whether Biden’s approval drops precipitously in new polling after the debate.


Another Democratic lawmaker said colleagues will decide what to publicly say about Biden once they see the impact of the debate on House swing district polls. Democrats need to flip just a handful of seats to flip the House to Democratic control, while they face a tough map to hold on to the Senate.

Joe Biden’s physical and mental deterioration is obvious to anyone with eyes to see. By all outward signs his decline is picking up speed. That idea that if re-elected he could serve out a second term is preposterous.

Jim Geraghty writes for National Review Online. He places the ‘How did we miss” Biden’s rapid decline in the larger context of why the media has been so consistently wrong about major issues.

I think the clearest answer is that a lot of people in the major mainstream media are really lousy at their jobs, because they wake up every morning asking, “How can I convince people that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad?” instead of asking, “What’s going on in the world, and what do my readers, viewers, or listeners need to know about it?”

In spite of the legacy media’s unwillingness to do its job, the public is catching on. Biden’s cataclysmic debate performance last Thursday night could not be spun as the result of a “cold.”

There are many horrific findings for the President, but here is a finding that unambiguously signal Biden is in deep, deep trouble:

A new CBS/YouGov poll conducted after the debate found that 72% of registered voters now believe that Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health to serve as president. That’s seven points higher than weeks before the debate. Only 28% of voters said Biden should be running for president. Some 46% of Democratic registered voters thought he should not be.

CNN’s Stephen Collinson writes

[T]hese are devastating figures for a president who has seen erosion in key aspects of his coalition — among young, progressive and minority voters especially and has an increasingly narrow path through battleground states. 

An aggregate of 1,349 polls find that Biden has an approval figure of 39.4%

Final thought for the day, courtesy of Slate’s Hillary Frey:

The debate was shocking, upsetting, nearly impossible to watch. Based on my anecdotal research, lots of folks turned it off after 10 minutes, unable to witness the humiliating performance by our current president. Others held out hope it would turn around in real time, that Biden’s jaw would be vacuumed shut again, eyes refocused. Still more of us had the sinking, correct assumption: This would not come to pass. We knew what was happening. We were watching the president of the United States, un-teleprompted, fail in a spectacularly human way in front of us. He was not OK. Which meant the impending presidential election was more like an impending disaster.

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