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“There Was a Life That Had to Be Cared For”

Editor’s note. This first ran in the December 2006 edition of National Right to Life News. I have written hundreds of editorials; this is among my all-time favorites and is part of our “Roe at 40” series. I hope you use your social networks to share this with your...

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Unborn Are Human Life: “So What?”

By Wesley J. Smith The pro choice side of the abortion debate have always been profoundly dishonest, claiming that the unborn are not really “human.” (Well, they’re not Martians. They’re not chopped liver.) But it was deemed a necessary lie in order to protect the...

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Edge of precipice

Editor’s note. This comes from the European Life Network. A letter in the Independent newspaper on January 24 titled, “Edge of precipice” looks at the importance of language in the abortion debate and how it has been abused to further the abortion agenda. Language is...

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