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Autonomy: a short history of a big idea

By Michael Cook “The strongest arguments in favour of physician-assisted suicide [PAS] are respect for autonomy, justice, compassion, honesty, individual liberty and transparency.” This is a sentence drawn from a press release issued by the European Society of...

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Autonomy: what a useless idea!

By Michael Cook Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post that appeared on Mercatornet. If I ask why abortion is legal, I will be told that women have a right to autonomy over their bodies. … And if I ask why patients should be free to request euthanasia...

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Give them sterile razors?

Should patients who want to self-harm be assisted, so as not to offend their personal autonomy? By Michael Cook If I could send a tweet summing up in 140 characters what is wrong with bioethics today, it would be: “Bioethics is broken. Doctors respecting patients who...

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