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Abortion is birth control, says pro-choicer

By Sarah Terzo Patricia Beninato, who once ran a site called where women shared positive abortion stories, says that abortion is birth control. [Responding to a question about whether multiple abortions is taking “’choice’ a little too far”]: One of the...

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Italian woman uses abortion for birth control

By Sarah Terzo An author told the following story: In another case, a forthright and confident Italian woman – an active member of the Communist Party, utterly without hang-ups of an emotional or religious nature, and rather dismissive of “sentimentality” in general –...

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Planned Parenthood and human (in)equality

By Paul Stark October 16 marks the 100-year anniversary of Planned Parenthood. The group's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a birth control pioneer. But she didn't view "birth control" (a term she helped coin) in the same way as people today. "Birth control is nothing...

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