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Colombia Imposes Euthanasia Medical Martyrdom

By Wesley J. Smith Doctors are increasingly under threat of being forced to kill or get out of medicine. I call this “medical martyrdom,” that is, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. forced to choose between engaging (or being complicit) in life-terminating acts such...

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Colombia close to legal euthanasia

By Michael Cook Colombia’s Health Ministry has finally drawn up guidelines for voluntary euthanasia, 18 years after the country’s supreme court ruled that it was a constitutional right. Health Minister Alejandro Gaviría told media that only competent adults would be...

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Colombia may finally legalise euthanasia

By Michael Cook The assisted suicide of American woman Brittany Maynard on November 1 may have tipped Colombia into legalising euthanasia. Euthanasia has been in legal limbo in the South American nation since a decision by its Constitutional Court in 1997 that “mercy...

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