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Have embryonic stem cells hit the wall?

By Michael Cook “Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything?” is a skeptical headline which you would expect to read in a conservative journal like the National Review or the Weekly Standard. However, it is a bit surprising to find it in the MIT Technology Review,...

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Embryonic Stem Cell Hype Encore

  By Wesley J. Smith I predicted in 2013 that the company which bought Geron would restart its embryonic stem cell product human trial. Indeed, it is. I could also have predicted the media would hype it to the moon. And so the San Francisco Chronicle has in big...

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Embryo Value Debated in Europe Too

  By Wesley J. Smith Pro embryo-destructive research activists are often so irrational. They claim than an embryo isn’t an embryo but merely a “bunch of cells.” Well, for the reductionist minded, so are they. They claim that an embryo is no different than the...

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Geron Sells Embryonic Stem Cell Business

By Wesley J. Smith Editor’s note. Wesley alludes to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. CIRM was established after voters in 2004 approved a state ballot initiative, Proposition 71, which funded embryonic stem cell/human cloning research using $3...

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