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Turning Children into Jewelry?

Embryo adoption is a far better option By Eric Metaxas with Anne Morse Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at Breakpoint. A hundred years ago, ladies often clipped hair from a deceased relative and fashioned it into a brooch. It was a way of...

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Just a Clump of Cells?

  By Ben Williamson It's well-established, as a scientific matter, that preborn embryos and fetuses are living human organisms. Nevertheless, many abortion advocates claim that the human embryo is not really a human being, but is merely a clump of cells, no more...

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The cost of “progress”

By Dave Andrusko Rarely would you get a headline that more accurately captures both the core of the story and the ethical implications. “The Boy Who Lived: Embryo testing is progress built on failure, termination, and tragedy. But we only hear about the happy...

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“We’re all just grown-up embryos”

By Megan McCrum, Academy Program Director This week the National Right to Life Academy enjoyed guest lectures by Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at the Family Research Council. Dr. Prentice refuted the misplaced hype surrounding embryo-destructive...

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