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Massachusetts woman sues over ‘lost’ embryo

By Michael Cook A Massachusetts woman who was desperate for children is suing a hospital because its fertility clinic misplaced her viable embryo for 12 years. In 2004 Marisa Cloutier-Bristol and her husband went to Women & Infants Hospital in Providence (in the...

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The right to the baby we want

By Wesley J. Smith Whenever I write about the underregulated multi-billion-dollar infertility industry, I receive anguished emails from women who can’t become pregnant, declaring that they “would do anything to have a baby.” I can certainly empathize with their...

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Surprised by this from Obama Administration?

By Dave Andrusko A  show of hands. How many pro-lifers are surprised that (according to the Washington Times) “The Department of Health and Human Services ‘is not requesting funds for this program’ because ‘the Embryo Adoption program will be discontinued in FY2013.’"...

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