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What is Jack Kevorkian’s place in History?

By Wesley J. Smith When I was contacted by a high school student writing a paper about the historical significance of Jack Kevorkian, I hadn’t considered that particular aspect of his saga before, and so I took some time answering her. I then made that question the...

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Kevorkian’s True Goal was Human Vivisection

By Wesley J. Smith The revisionism about Jack Kevorkian and his purposes will not stop–and it can’t be allowed to stand. The truth about K and what he was really after–his true motives–is too important, because it not only shows the seductive nihilism of our present...

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The Historical Kevorkian

  By Wesley J. Smith I am often asked for interviews by students who are writing papers about the assisted suicide issue. I am always happy to oblige. Most ask why I oppose assisted suicide and whether I think guidelines can prevent the slippery slope. But, the...

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It’s a Kevorkian World

  By Wesley J. Smith In the midst of the Brittany Maynard media mania, it struck me how prophetic Jack Kevorkian was about how deeply the culture of death would subsume the culture of the West. So, I took to the pages of the Weekly Standard to issue a storm...

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Kevorkian’s Vision

  He’s looking alarmingly prophetic. By Wesley J. Smith Assisted suicide exploded into the news again two months ago after Brittany Maynard, dying of brain cancer, announced she would take a lethal prescription as permitted under Oregon law. Maynard became an...

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Casting light on Jack Kevorkian’s true evil

  By Wesley J. Smith I believe that America’s embrace of the ghoul Jack Kevorkian–that is not name-calling, see below–is a portentous symptom of cultural dissipation. The current First Things contains a vivid article about one of K’s deaths–who was found to have...

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