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A Legacy for Jahi McMath

By Nancy Valko As a mother who has lost two beloved daughters, my heart goes out to Jahi McMath’s mother Nailah Winkfield after the recent loss of her daughter after an almost 5 year battle to save her and have California rescind her death certificate after doctors...

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Justice for Jahi

By Wesley J. Smith In California, Jahi McMath is legally dead. In New Jersey, she is legally alive. Now, the deceased—or profoundly disabled—teenager is the subject of litigation that could make history. A quick rundown: In 2013, the then thirteen-year-old girl...

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Judge Rules Jahi McMath May Not be Dead

By Wesley J. Smith This could be one of the biggest bioethics cases since Terri Schiavo. A judge has ruled that the teenager, declared dead in California, may not be dead. From the East Bay Express story: Jahi McMath, the Oakland teenager whose brain death case has...

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Jahi McMath Breathing on Own?

By Wesley J. Smith Readers may recall Jahi McMath–the teenager declared brain dead in California. Her family–assisted by the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network and the Life Legal Defense Foundation–fought the determination in court. A settlement led to Jahi being...

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Court Permits Evidence Jahi McMath Alive

By Wesley J. Smith A court in California has permitted Jahi McMath’s mother to present evidence that Jahi ”has standing” to bring a lawsuit. From the court’s order sustaining a demurrer (meaning the original pleadings were insufficient to go forward): CHO’s...

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